Brigade History

The 16th Special Troops Battalion and the 16th Sustainment Brigade inherited the lineage and honors from the 16th Corps Support Group. The 16th Corps Support Group was constituted 29 October 1965 into the Regular Army and was activated 10 December 1965 in the Dominican Republic. On 15 October 1968, the unit was inactivated at Fort Benning, Georgia and redesignated 16 September 1987 in Germany where it exists to this present day.

In March of 2003, the 16th CSG and its battalions deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom where it provided logistical support to include direct support maintenance, transportation, and supply support to all units in the theater. In additions to Operation Iraqi Freedom, the 16th CSG has also participated in operations in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Kosovo.

In January of 2007, the 16th CSG Lineage and Honors were redesignated to be transferred to the 16th Sustainment Brigade. Upon activation, the 16th STB provided command and control to the HHC, B. CO (a Joint Nodal Network (JNN)) Company, and the 106th Financial Management Company. Within the first year, the STB prepared itself for deployment, stood up a Logistics Task Force, and assumed command and control of the 38th Human Resources Company and the 208th Financial Management Company. These units were stationed on over 15 installations throughout Germany and Italy and equated to 20 separately deployable units.

The 16th STB completed a deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 08-10. It was the unit's first deployment as the only Sustainment Brigade in USAREUR. The STB was the Command and Control Element to HHC, B.CO, Logistics Task Force-Alpha, a Human Resource Company which included Postal, Casualty Liaison, R5 Support, and a Financial Management Company. These units were dispersed throughout MND-North, supporting Soldiers and civilians in a footprint the size of Pennsylvania.

Today, the 16th Special Troops Battalion has units located on five different installations across Germany and Italy, with one Finance Detachment(C DET) currently deployed ISO OEF. The battalion relocated from Bamberg to Baumholder, Germany, as part of the Army's Transformation in late 2012.

Unit Insignia


The colors scarlet and buff are the traditional colors associated with sustainment units. The fort symbolizes a strong defense and military preparedness. Its multi-faceted sides allude to the organization's various components and commitments. The chevron is a traditional symbol of strength and support. Blue connotes perseverance, strength, and loyalty to the military's mission.

Background: The distinctive unit insignia was originally approved for the 16th Support Group on 14 April 1988. It was redesignated effective 16 July 2007, for the 16th Sustainment Brigade, with the description updated.

Commanding Officer


Lt. Col. Brian Ketz

Lt. Col. Brian Ketz is the commanding officer of the 16th Sustainment Brigade Soecial Troops Battalion.

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Senior Enlisted Advisor


Command Sgt. Maj. Jonathan A. Uribe-Huitron

Command Sgt. Maj. Jonathan A. Uribe-Huitron is the senior enlisted advisor of the 16th Sustainment Brigade Special Troops Battalion.

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