The 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion has served with honor and distinction in the European Theater since the World Wars. Part of the 16th Sustainment Brigade "Knights Brigade," the battalion prides itself on being the only combat sustainment support battalion in all of Europe and supports missions and operations across the globe for U.S. Army Europe and the 21st Theater Sustainmment Command.



The 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion (18th CSSB) is part of the 16th Sustainment Brigade (16SB) which falls under the 21st Theater Sustainment Command (21TSC) -- the U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) theater sustainment command.

The 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion deploys and provides multiclass logistics, water, fuel, ammunition, maintenance and explosive ordnance disposal capabilities in support of Unified Land Operations worldwide.

Our battalion is a cohesive, innovative, professional and deployment-ready team of sustainers who provide anticipatory, world-class logistics to all USAREUR operations and exercises, and to other COCOMs, as directed, while maintaining central region daily operations and support of healthy environments for Soldiers and families.

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The 18th CSSB units each play a distinctive and critical role in battalion operations, ensuring missions and operations throughout Europe.

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