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The 39th Transportation Battalion (MC) provides tailored and adaptive transportation, expeditionary logistical capabilities for transportation, movement control and distribution in support of the deployment, redeployment and sustainment of forces throughout the U.S. European Command area of responsibility. The 39thTB is part of the 16th Sustainment Brigade "Knights Brigade," and supports missions and operations across the globe for U.S. Army Europe and the 21st Theater Sustainmment Command.


Our cohesive teams of innovative, professional and deployment-ready Soldiers provide world-class logistics support to all USAREUR operations and exercises, and to other COCOMs, as directed, while maintaining daily operations and support for readiness of Army Soldiers and families.


The 39th Transportation Battalion (MC) is part of the 16th Sustainment Brigade (16SB) which falls under the 21st Theater Sustainment Command (21TSC) -- the U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) theater sustainment command.

The 39th Transportation Battalion (MC) supports the deployment, re-deployment, and sustainment of forces; provides well-trained and equipped deployable units to support combatant commanders and Overseas Contingency Operations; and provides transportation and movement control support to the EUCOM AOR and, on order, to the AFRICOM AOR. The battalion also deploys to execute movement control support to theater RSOI operations and theater distribution operations in Full Spectrum Operation (FSO) environments.

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