709th Military Police Battalion

The 709th Military Police Battalion has served with honor and distinction in the European Theater since it landed at Normandy in 1944. Headquartered in Grafenwoehr, Germany as part of the "Ever Vigilant" 18th Military Police Brigade, the battalion is geographically dispersed in 13 military communities across Germany, Italy, and Belgium.

Official Website: 709th Military Police Battalion

MISSION: The 709th Military Police Battalion conducts professional law enforcement and in conjunction with select NATO allies, protects U.S. Army Europe in order to preserve the force and enable Unified Land Operations. On order, the 709th Military Police Battalion deploys and directs Multi-National Military Police Operations in support of regional military objectives and operational requirements.

The Warriors of the 709th Military Police Battalion stand combat ready, taking pride in the mission embodied in their motto:

"Securitas Copiarum"


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15th Engineer Battalion

Constituted in 1916 as an Engineer Regiment in the Enlisted Reserve Corps, the 15th Engineer Battalion can trace its military lineage back almost a century. Today, headquatered in Grafenwoehr, Germany, the 15th Engineer Battalion is comprised of four subordinate companies and one engineer detachment. The Soldiers, civilians and engineers of the battalion provide various supportive duties to Army units, including construction, engineering and mechanical work on other Army projects.

Official Website: 15th Engineer Battalion

MISSION: The 15th Engineer Battalion commands and controls the execution of general engineering operations in garrison and deployed environments in order to support the operational commander.

The Solider, civilian and engineer teams of the 15th Engineer Battalion take pride in the mission embodied in their motto:

"Drive On"

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