7th MSC Crest

Image of 7th MSC Heraldry

Description: A silver color metal and enamel device from a flaming sword, hilt and handle yellow, seven arrow points arrayed in an arch divided into four colors from left to right, purple, white, buff, and scarlet.
Symbolism: The four arrow colors indicate that the Command is tasked with a two-fold responsibility, those of the Civil Affairs and Support branches. The arrows arrayed as they are signify the capability to quickly mobilize in response to mission directives. The flaming sword is a symbol of the theater of operations, U.S. Army Europe. The seven points serve as a reminder of the Command's numerical designation.
Background: The distinctive unit insignia was approved on 30 September 2009.

7th MSC Patch

Image of 7th MSC patch

Description: Imposed on a five point shield with a Blue border, a millrind ending in opposing arrow points arched in chief Azure, on a pale an arrow, point down in fess point with extender ending in an arch Gules, fimbriated of the field.
Symbolism: The colors are taken from the Seventh Army shoulder sleeve insignia. The mill rind refers to the 21st Theater Sustainment Command's shoulder sleeve insignia. The arrows suggest the ability to rapidly deploy in response to mission directives.
Background: The shoulder sleeve insignia was approved on 23 September 2009.

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