7th MSC Mission

7th Mission Support Command provides trained and ready, forward-stationed Consequence Management Command and Control, Civil Support Team, Civil Affairs, Enabler capabilities, as directed by USAREUR. Rapidly deploys immediate response capability and provides Title 10 responsibilities for European-based units as directed by USAREUR.

7th MSC Vision

U.S. Army Europe's Army Reserve Mission Support Command is capable of simultaneously providing theater and expeditionary Consequence Management and Civil Affairs support, expertise, and capabilities, while providing a trained and ready force pool to support Overseas Contingency Operations.

Foreign Consequence Management

Foreign Consequence Management is the assistance provided by the U.S. Government to a requesting Host Nation, with the Department of State as the Lead Federal Agency, to mitigate the effects of a deliberate or inadvertent chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear attack or event, and to restore essential operations and services.

Within European Command (USEUCOM) area of responsibility, U.S. Army Europe’s (USAREUR) 7th Mission Support Command, an Army Reserve unit based in Kaiserslautern, Germany, provides USAREUR interface for consequence management between Host Nation authorities, the U.S. Department of State, and other U.S. organizations/services.

Full Spectrum Operations

Full spectrum operations are the range of operations Army Forces conduct in war and military operations other than war. This includes: Shaping the security environment, responding promptly to crisis, mobilize the force, conducting forcible entry operations, dominating land operations, and providing support to civil authorities.

On order, the 7th Mission Support Command rapidly deploys a response and interface capability, which forms the core of Joint Task Force-Consequence Management Headquarters as part of the larger U.S. Government response to a foreign government assistance request.

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