7th CSC Soldiers mentor Kosovo Security Force's HAZMAT unit

Story by Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Chlosta
7th Civil Support Command

Sgt. Eric Song, Sgt. Bajram Peci, and Sgt. Enver Fondaj
Sgt. Eric Song, survey team member, 773rd Civil Support Team, 7th Civil Support Command and a native of Seattle, Wash., left examines HAZMAT equipment that will be secured in the new Kosovo Security Force nuclear, biological, chemical detection equipment storage room alongside Sgt. Bajram Peci, leader decontamination station and Mitrovica, Kosovo resident, center, and Sgt. Enver Fondaj, leader detection team and Peqan, Kosovo native, both with 1st Platoon, HAZMAT Company, Civil Protection Regiment, Kosovo Security Force, July 10, 2014. (Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Chlosta, 7th CSC Public Affairs Office)

PRISTINA, Kosovo – Soldiers from the 7th Civil Support Command’s, 773rd Civil Support Team helped build a nuclear, biological, chemical detection equipment storage room and develop a standard operating procedure document for that same room with members of the Kosovo Security Force’s Civil Protection Regiment HAZMAT Company, during a U.S. European Command-programmed and Defense Threat Reduction Agency led military partnership training event July 6-19, 2014.

The KSF’s current missions are civil protection and to assist Kosovo government authorities in response to a natural disaster or an emergency incident.

“From the last training that we had from DTRA and the 773rd CST back in May, we saw that learning how to properly build an NBC equipment storage room is necessary for us to learn,” said Sgt. Bajram Peci, leader decontamination station, 1st Platoon, HAZMAT Co., CPR, KSF and Mitrovica, Kosovo resident.

Personnel from DTRA, EUCOM and the U.S. Embassy in Kosovo put together a list of equipment that they will need to perform their functional HAZMAT duties said Sgt. Eric Song, survey team member, 773rd CST, 7th CSC and a native of Seattle, Washington.

“We’re working alongside Sgt. Peci and his team to also set up an NBC equipment storage room for some of the sensitive items that may be included,” said Staff Sgt. John Bennetts, survey team chief, 773rd CST, 7th CSC and a native of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

“When we are finished with the NBC room it will have shelves and lockers to secure the NBC equipment,” Peci said.

In the future, KSF HAZMAT Company Soldiers will store CBRN type equipment in the new NBC storage room, such as analysis and detection equipment.

“It is necessary because all of the equipment is expensive and sensitive and has to be secured,” Peci said. “We plan to also cover the door with a metal grate in the future.

Along with the NBC equipment room the 7th CSC CBRN and KSF HAZMAT Soldiers developed a good maintenance schedule.

“This week we started with Sgt. Song and Staff Sgt. Bennetts to also work on an NBC room SOP or standard operating procedure guide because we didn’t have one before,” Peci said.

“We’re setting up the standard operating procedures’ document because they anticipate receipt of a HAZMAT equipment package,” said Bennetts, who works as an integrated disability evaluation system contact representative for the Warrior Transition Battalion-Europe, European Regional Medical Command, when he is not on duty with the 7th CSC.

According to the partnered NCOS, they worked for four whole days just on the SOP.

“[We’re] putting into writing how they’re going to maintain that equipment and store that equipment and maintain accountability for it,” Bennetts said. “They participate; they’re motivated; they actively engage; and, they listen and they implement things that we’ve taught them in the past into their current procedures.”

The 7th CSC Soldiers took the 773rd CST NBC equipment room SOP and tailored it for the KSF HAZMAT Company, according to Song.

“The KSF adopted parts of it and also added their unique requirements,” Song said.

As the NBC equipment storage room progressed and the SOP was reviewed, the NCOS complimented each other and voiced their excitement with an eye toward possible future CBRN/HAZMAT engagements and training.

“It’s good to be with professional CBRN Soldiers,” Peci said. “I would like to continue this professional relationship and training in the future with the U.S. CBRN unit.”

“They are a pleasure to work with,” Bennetts said.

For more information, the media may contact the 7th Civil Support Command public affairs office by email, or by phone at German local: 0631 411 4725, German cell: 0162 270 4936.

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