2500th Digital Liaison Detachment

Unit Location

Vicenza, Italy
DSN 314-635-4893
Commercial 0039-0444-4893


2500th DLD will provide liaison capability between Army Forces, Joint/Coalition Forces Land Component Command, Joint Task Force, subordinate headquarters and multinational headquarters to ensure communication, mutual understanding, and unity of purpose and action.


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COL David C. Mundfrom
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SGM Everton Harris
Sergeant Major

Subordinate Units:

  • None

Military Occupational Specialties:

  • Enlisted
  • 11Z Infantry Senior Sergeant
  • 13F Fire Support NCO
  • 13Z Field Artillery Senior Sergeant
  • 14G Battle Systems Manager
  • 25B Information Systems Operator-Analyst
  • 35F Intelligence Analyst
  • 68W Health Care Specialist (Combat Medic)
  • 74D Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) Specialist
  • 88N Transportation Management Coordinator
  • 91B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic
  • 92A Automated Logistical Specialist
  • 92Y Unit Supply Specialist
  • 13A Field Artillery
  • 14A Air Defense Artillery
  • 35D Military Intelligence
  • 90A Logistics
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