Legal Assistance Division

Consumer Law (Debt Collection Problems, Credit Reporting, Contract & "Scam" Problems, Identity Theft, Illegal Downloading)

The Ins & Outs of German Contract Law
Online Shopping & Shipping Holiday Presents
VAT-Free (Landline) TKS Phone Services
German Auto Repairs - A Rocky Road
Social Networking - A Legal Minefield

”Protecting Ourselves” – A SCRA Primer

“Out of Africa” – Cancelling Your Vacation Plans

Winter Tires – The Rules of the Road

Identity Theft – How to Protect Yourself

The Dangers of Downloading

A SCRA Update – Protecting Those Who Defend America

Volcanic Ash – Travelers’ Rights Under EU Law

Buying & Selling Used Cars in Germany

How to Clean Up Your Credit Report

FAQs on Phone Contracts

“Click Through” or “Click Wrap” Agreements – Read Before You Accept

Debt Collectors Hounding You?  See Us!
Know Before You Go – Legal Tips on Travel in Europe
Hit & Run Accidents Can Cost You
Debt Collection – Keeping It Fair
You Ain’t Nothin’ But A (Dangerous) Hound Dog

Early Termination of Telephone and Internet Contracts

Travel Trouble:  What if Your Travel Agency or Tour Organizer Goes Bankrupt?

Why Do I Need an International Driver’s Permit if I Travel Outside Germany?

Consumer Information from the Federal Government
Federal Trade Commission



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