Legal Assistance Division

Family Law (Marriage, Divorce/Separation, Nonsupport, Paternity, Child Custody, Adoption)


Legal Assistance & Conflicts of Interest

Transitional Compensation for Abuse Victims

Individual Logistic Support for Family Members

Exploring “The Adoption Option”

The Adoption Tax Credit

The International Adoption Process

The Domestic Adoption Alternative

The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act

Family Law Services at the Kaiserslautern Legal Services Center

DOD Family Care Plan Policy Expands

Puerto Ricans Need to Obtain New Birth Certificates After 1 July 2010
Born in Deutschland – Legal Tips on Having a Child in Germany
A Legal Documentation Checklist for New Parents
Deployment Marriage for Profit – Don’t Fall Into This Trap

FAQs on Marital Separation Agreements

How to Apply for German “Kindergeld”

Lessons Learned in Legal Assistance

The Dirty Details of Divorce

"Is This Where I File for a Legal Separation?"

“Can I Get a Divorce in Mexico?”

Child Custody and Property Division While Stationed Overseas


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