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From recent Editions of the Kaiserslautern Legal Informer
When the German Taxman Asks for your W-2
Changes for Tax Year 2011
More on Offshore Account Reporting!
Online Shopping & Shipping Holiday Presents

German Auto Repairs – A Rocky Road

VAT-Free (Landline) TKS Phone & Internet Services on a Month-to-Month Basis

Don’t Build a Castle in the Sand:  Things to Consider When Building a House
On the Road Again, Paying Fines You’ve Never Seen Before
German Government Conducts 2011 Census

“Out of Africa” – Canceling Your Vacation Plans

IRS Changes Policy on Taxability of German Kindergeld

Winter Tires – The Rules of the Road

The Pitfalls of Paintball & “Airsoft” Guns

The Dangers of Downloading & Wireless Routers

Buying & Selling Used Cars in Germany

Volcanic Ash & Air Travelers’ Rights Under EU Law

Europe Without Borders – The Schengen Agreement

FAQs on Phone Contracts

Some US Tax Aspects of Home Ownership in Germany

Born in Deutschland – Legal Tips on Having a Child in Germany

Know Before You Go – Legal Tips on Travel in Europe

How to Apply for German Kindergeld

Hit & Run Accidents Can Cost You

Your Landlord Wants to Sell the House – Must You Move?

You Ain’t Nothin’ But a (Dangerous) Hound Dog

“What Do You Mean, I’m Going to German Jail?”

What to Do if Your Travel Agency or Tour Organizer Goes Bankrupt?

Early Termination of Telephone & Internet Contracts

German Radio & TV Tax

Ignorance of German Contract Law is No Excuse
Compulsory German Military Service

“I Didn’t Do It!” – How to Avoid Endangering the Return of Your Rental Security Deposit

How to Get Back German Rental Security Deposits

“Why do I Need an International Driver’s Permit if I Travel Outside Germany?”

Information Papers on German & EU Issues
Banks and Bills
Born in Germany
Car Repair Rules in Germany
Commercial Solicitation Sales & Purchases in Germany
Drinking & Driving Rules in Germany

German Landlord-Tenant Law

How to Get Married in Germany, Denmark, & Other Countries

Illegitimate Paternity Rules in Germany

Living in Germany

Service of Process from the USA to Germany

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