Legal Assistance Division

  (21st TSC Tax Assistance Centers)

Taxes (Federal and State)


When the German Taxman Asks for your W-2
Changes for Tax Year 2011
More on Offshore Account Reporting!
Tax Rules for Dependent Children
Looking for Tax Preparers
The Adoption Tax Credit

End-of-Tax-Season Reminders

2011 Tax Season Off to Roaring Start

IRS Changes Policy on Taxability of German “Kindergeld”

Tax Options for Newlyweds

Mandatory Financial Disclosures

The 2010 Tax Season – By the Numbers!

IRS Cracking Down on Nonfilers of Form TD F 90-22.1

The AFN “Open Line” Tax Call-In Show

       The Military Spouses Residency Relief Act
2010 Tax Season Kicks Off
       Some US Tax Aspects of Home Ownership in Germany
End-of-Year Tax Planning

The 2009 Tax Season – By the Numbers!

How to Apply for German “Kindergeld”
Kleber Tax Team – Raking In The Refunds
Timely Tips for Taxpayers
Training the 2009 21st TSC Tax Team

The Tax Man Cometh

What To Do If the IRS Audits Your Tax Return
German Radio and TV Tax

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion Changes

American Opportunity Tax Credit Now Pays for Textbooks for Undergraduates
How to Obtain an Individual Taxpayer's Indentification Number (ITIN)
Military Spouses Residency Relief Act
Tax Information for Family Child Care (FCC) Providers
What Documents to Bring With You

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