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Baumholder Law Center

"The Law of the Rock"

Baumholder Law Center personnel receive medals after winning unit soccer and softball tournaments.

Office Information

Baumholder Law Center
Building 8222
Avenue D/ Ordnance Road
Smith Barracks

Legal Assistance

Located on the 2nd floor, Baumholder Law Center

Office Hours:
Monday to Friday, 0900-1200; 1300-1600

Closed for U.S. holidays

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Walk-in Services:

  • Notarization (including affidavits and certified copies)
  • Power of Attorney

Appointments are required to see an attorney and can be made on short notice in the event of a genuine emergency.


  • DSN 314.485.6506
  • CIV +49 6738.6.6506

  • Are you eligible for legal assistance?

    1. You must have a current Active Duty or Retired military ID card with you to obtain services. If you or your sponsor is a member of the Reserve or National Guard mobilized for 29+ days, you must have either an updated Active Duty ID card or copy of mobilization orders on hand.

    2. Contractors, Reserve Component not mobilized for at least 29 days, and Individual Ready Reserve personnel are not eligible for services.

    3. DoD Civilian employees are only eligible for assistance on deployment matters and responses to Financial Liability Investigations of Property Loss.

    4. The only individuals eligible for services without a military ID are:

    • a. Next of Kin of Service members who died in an active status are eligible for probate assistance
    • b. Parents or Guardians acting on behalf of a minor (the minor must have an ID card)
    • c. Holders of a special power of attorney for a legal assistance service from a deployed Service member acting on his or her behalf.

    Available Services

    Please be aware that our services are limited by Army Regulation 27-3 and the expertise of our attorneys.

    Information Papers

    We have information papers on many common legal topics available in our waiting room during all office hours.

    Other Offices


    • Hours: 0800-1200 and 1300-1500 Mon-Fri, Wed walk-in hours for small claims of eight (8) or fewer items, 0800-1130 and 1300-1500
    • Phone: DSN 485-6507

    International Law:

    • Hours: 0800-1200 and 1300-1600 Mon-Fri
    • Phone: DSN 485-6286

    Administrative Law:

    • Hours: 0900-1200 and 1300-1600 Mon-Fri
    • Phone: DSN 485-6311

    Military Justice:

    • Hours: By appointment only
    • Phone: DSN 485-8220

    Tax Center:

    • Hours: 0900-1200 and 1300-1600 Mon-Fri
    • Phone: DSN 485-1040, CIV 06783-6-1040 [open February through June]

    How to dial an office at the Law Center:

    Cell: 06783-6- last 4 of DSN, within BHR CIV 6- last 4 of DSN, outside Germany 011-49-6783-6-last 4 of DSN.

    Office Fax: DSN 485-8230, CIV 06783-6-8230

    Trial Defense Services [TDS]

    Located on the 3rd Floor of the Baumholder Law Center


    • Briefings for Article 15s and Chapters: Wed & Fri starting at 0900
    • Suspect Rights and Emergencies: Mon-Tues 0900-1200 and 1300-1600
    • Thurs- Closed

Phone: DSN 485-6483/CIV 06783-6-6483

TDS Fax: DSN 485-7104, CIV 06783-6-7104

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