Headquarters and Headquarters Company

Mission: Headquarters and Headquarters Company maintains and sustains the brigade and battalion headquarters as they provide sustainment, support and force protection operations in the European Command (EUCOM) and on order, Africa Command (AFRICOM) Area of Operation. .

106th Financial Management Support Unit

Mission: The 106th Financial Management Support Unit (FMSU) coordinates and executes financial management (FM) support on an area basis while providing battle command of subordinate FM Detachments. Organically, the 106th FMSU provides FM and resource management support across the USAREUR and, on order, the USAFRICOM AORs.

Unit History

504th Signal Company

Mission: The 504th Signal Company Soldiers deploy and install, operate, maintain and control communications and computer (C4) systems and platforms for the 16th SB and assigned/attached elements in the EUCOM AOR and on order, the AFRICOM AOR.

Unit History