Welcome to the 15th Engineer Battalion. One of the most important pre-move actions for any Soldier is to request and communicate with a sponsor from your new unit. Once you are identified as an inbound Soldier to the 15th Engineer Battalion, S-1 will further assign you to a unit and also assign you a sponsor in the USAREUR Sponsorship Gate (S-Gate). The time-frame to obtain a sponsor is within 120 days before your arrival.

How to apply for a sponsor:

Most U.S. Army Soldiers with pinpoint assignments can request a sponsor through the S-Gate site. Alternately, you can contact the 15th Engineer Battalion S-1 offices for assistance.

Civilian prefix 011-49-9641-83-xxxx.

Battalion S-1 - DSN 314-475-9929 Civ 001-49-9641-83-9929

Battalion S-1 NCOIC - DSN 314-475-9316 Civ 001-49-9641-83-9316

Battalion Staff Duty - DSN 314-475-9930/1 Civ 001-49-9641-83-9930/1

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