What to Expect


Transiting personnel process through customs and then await follow-on transportation. While waiting, they are able to use various Morale, Welfare and Recreation facilities.

Facilities and amenities for transiting personnel include bedding, latrines, showers, a dining facility and a physical fitness center. Medical care is available. A Morale, Welfare and Recreation facility provides Internet access, pool and ping pong tables, movies, and a book exchange among other entertainment and recreation options.

Most transiting personnel remain on base only a day or two. Under normal circumstances, they will not leave the base during their brief stay.

Appropriate security, force protection and emergency services are available for transiting personnel and staff alike.


Chow HallM.K. Air Base Passenger Transit Center provides a wide range of transportation capabilities. The robust, forward-based logistics base can support a through-put of about 2,000 troops (1,000 deploying into theater, 1,000 redeploying from theater) and about 3,000 tons of associated cargo and baggage per day.

Transiting personnel process through newly built customs facilities and then await follow-on transportation. While they wait, they are able to use various Moral, Welfare and Recreation facilities.

Additional M.K. Air Base facilities include:
  • Post Exchange
  • Physical Fitness Facility
  • Dining Facility
  • MWR Facilities
  • Laundry
  • Barber Shop
  • Temporary Quarters

Contact Information

Romanian Country Code: (00)40

TCMK DSN Area Code: 314

From Romanian commercial line to DSN: 024183-xxxx (last four of DSN)

From outside Romania to DSN: (00)40-24-183-xxxx (last four of DSN)


Fire: Dial 117 from DSN

Military Police: Dial 114 from DSN

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