Kaiserslautern Legal Services Center

Welcome to the 21st TSC Legal Services Center

The Kaiserslautern Legal Services Center (KLSC), located in Kaiserslautern, Germany, is one of four law centers falling under the 21st Theater Sustainment Command, Office of the Staff Judge Advocate (OSJA), and provides legal advice to Army installations and organizations located in the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC). Between the Army, Air Force, federal civilian employees and employees of American contractors, the KMC includes more than 50,000 Americans, making it the largest community of Americans outside the United States.

The KLSC is located on Kleber Kaserne, only a mile from the 21st TSC OSJA on nearby Panzer Kaserne. Military Justice and Administrative Law for the 21st and other KMC Army organizations is the responsibility of the OSJA at Panzer Kaserne while every other legal function is performed at the KLSC.

The KLSC provides legal services to 47,000 eligible individual clients, the largest potential client population outside the United States. The KLSC also runs operates two of the busiest tax assistance offices in Europe: one in the KLSC and one at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. Together, they generate more than 3,500 state and federal income tax returns annually.

With the Army having single service tort claims responsibility for Germany, the KLSC processes Air Force tort claims from all major Air Force installations in Germany. This makes the KLSC the busiest claims office in Europe.

Office Information

OSJA Headquarters Location: Panzer Kaserne, Bldg. 3004

DSN (314) 484-8747

COMMERCIAL in Europe: 49(0) 631-413-8747

Mailing Address
HQ, 21st Theater Sustainment Command
Office of the Staff Judge Advocate
Unit 23203
APO AE 09263

Legal Assistance Offices: Kleber Kaserne, Blg. 3210

DSN (314) 483-8848

COMMERCIAL in Europe: 49(0) 631-413-8848

Baumholder Law Center

"The Law of the Rock"

Walk-in Services
  • Notarization (including affadavits and certified copies)
  • Power of Attorney

Appointments are required to see an attorney and can be made on short notice in the event of a genuine emergency.

Are you elibible for legal assistance?

  1. . You must have a current Active Duty or Retired military ID card with you to obtain services. If you or your sponsor is a member of the Reserve or National Guard mobilized for 29+ days, you must have either an updated Active Duty ID card or copy of mobilization orders on hand.
  2. Contractors, Reserve Component not mobilized for at least 29 days, and Individual Ready Reserve personnel are not eligible for services.
  3. DoD Civilian employees are only eligible for assistance on deployment matters and responses to Financial Liability Investigations of Property Loss.
  4. The only individuals eligible for services without a military ID are:
    • Next of Kin of Service members who died in an active status are eligible for probate assistance
    • Parents or Guardians acting on behalf of a minor (the minor must have an ID card)
    • Holders of a special power of attorney for a legal assistance service from a deployed Service member acting on his or her behalf.

Office Information

Location: Smith Barracks, Baumholder

DSN (314) 485-6506

COMMERCIAL in Europe: 49(0) 673-86-6506

Office Hours: 0900-1200; 1300-1600

Mailing Address
Baumholder Law Center
Bldg. 8222
Avenue D/Ordnance Road
Smith Barracks

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