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Our Mission:To execute theater sustainment and force projection support and maintain the theater sustainment base by providing logistical service to Army, joint, combined, and multinational forces in support of USAREUR and combatant commanders.

Our Vision:To anticipate and meet the needs of the Soldiers and units we support by providing superior, quality products and services to our customers through creative thinking and innovation.

Task Organization:

  • Miesau, Germany: Ammunition Center Europe (ACE) is the home of Theater Storage Area, Miesau and Ammunition Supply Points 1 (Vilseck), 2 (Hohenfels), 7 (Vicenza, Italy) & 9 (Miesau)
  • Kaiserslautern, Germany: Supply Activity Europe (SAE) provides Regional Supply Support to Kaiserslautern and Wiesbaden and is the Forward Supply Point for Stuttgart.
  • Kaiserslautern, Germany: 6966th Transportation Truck Terminal (6966TTT) is responsible for Truck Terminal Mail and Germany Aerial Mail Terminal Frankfurt.
  • Kaiserslautern, Germany: Maintenance Activity Kaiserslautern (MAK) includes the Maintenance Support Team - Wiesbaden and the Electronics Repair shop - Pirmasens.
  • Vilseck, Germany: Maintenance Activity Vilseck (MAV) includes Maintenance Support Team - Katterbach and Maintenance Support Team - Stuttgart.

Facts and Figures:

  • Our headquarters office is located in Kaiserslautern, Germany, with activities all over Germany and beyond.
  • More than 1,400 employees of all trades are employed throughout our centers.
  • Our multi-national workforce is comprised of German Local Nationals and Department of the Army Civilians who operate as a team of flexible logistics professionals in a progressive environment.

Organizational History


General Support Center-Europe (GSC-E) was established. This was the first time a Local National assumed responsibility of a brigade-size organization.


GSC-E became the first organization within the U.S. Army to attain ISO certification as an entire organization.


Headquarters, Kaiserslautern Industrial Center cased their colors, and the Supply Activity Kaiserslautern, the Maintenance Activity Kaiserslautern, and the Maintenance Activity Pirmasens were realigned to GSC-E.


GSC-E headquarters moved from the grounds of the Kaiserslautern Army Depot to Daenner Kaserne. Part of the Mannheim Laboratory Center's mission (Army Oil Analysis Program) was transferred to the Army Material Command; the Material Testing Laboratory remained with GSC-E. In conjunction with the Army transformation, GSC-E becomes the Theater Logistics Support Center - Europe.


The 6966th Transportation Truck Terminal became part of TLSC-E, followed by the Reserve Storage Activity Miesau--renamed the Ammunition Center - Europe. Supply Activity Kaiserslautern was renamed to Supply Activity Europe.

TLSC-E takes over ammunition supply points

Improved trainer helps prepare soldiers


TLSC-E celebrates its 10th anniversary.

TLSC-E celebrates its 10th anniversary


TLSC-E supports Operation Atlantic Resolve and Operation United Assistance.

TLSC-E provides 'one-stop shop' for OAR retrograde

TLSC-E provides logistical support to Operation United Assistance

Leadership Team

General Manager

Helmut Haufe

has been a permanent employee of the U.S. Army since 1983

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Deputy General Manager


Eugene Warren

is the Deputy General Manager of the TLSC-E.

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Director, Maintenance Activity Vilseck


Klaus Krapf

is the Director of Maintenance Activity Vilseck

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Superintendent, 6966th Transportation Truck Terminal

Winfried Wilhelm

is the Superintendent of the 6966th Transportation Truck Terminal

Director, Maintenance Activity Kaiserslautern

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Markus Cappel

is the Director of Maintenance Activity Kaiserslautern

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Director, Ammunition Center Europe


Christopher Roscoe

is the Director of Ammunition Center Europe

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Director, Supply Activity Europe

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Reiner Philippi

is the Director of Supply Activity Europe

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