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G6 - Communications

G6 is responsible for providing service and support in the policy, oversight and guidance of the command’s information management (IM) Program. Insures implementation and capability of local information programs to broad policies and program guidance from higher authorities.

Provides IT direction and guidance to all 7th Army Training Command organizations. Oversees and provides guidance in the preparation of supporting data needed for the acquisition of IM-related hardware, software, communications and services to insure that the best, most cost effective support to 7th ATC users. Provides Commanding General and Command Group IT and Communications Support as required.


  • Assistant Chief of Staff, G6 CIO
    DSN (314) 569-0060, CIV+49(0)9641-70-569-0060 Email
  • Deputy, G6
    DSN (314) 569-0061, CIV+49(0)9641-70-569-0061 Email
  • Cyber Security
    DSN (314) 569-0065, CIV+49(0)9641-70-569-0065 Email
  • Business Operations
    DSN (314) 569-0068, CIV+49(0)9641-70-569-0068 Email
  • Plans and Operations
    DSN (314) 569-0072, CIV+49(0)9641-70-569-0072 Email
  • Communications Branch
    DSN (314) 569-0067, CIV+49(0)9641-70-569-0067 Email
  • Spectrum
    DSN (314) 569-0066, CIV+49(0)9641-70-569-0066 Email
  • VTC Support
    DSN (314) 569-0070, CIV+49(0)9641-70-569-0070 Email
  • IT Technical Support
    DSN (314) 569-0012, CIV+49(0)9641-70-569-0012 Email
  • Enterprise Service Help Desk
    DSN 119 | Submit A Ticket