7th Army Training Command

U.S. Army Europe's Training Command

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G8 - Comptroller

Principally responsible for Resource Management activities within 7th ATC. Entails Program and Budget Analysis; Formulation, Execution, and Control of Mission and 7th ATC Funding; Manpower Analysis, Equipment Documentation, and Management Programs.


  • Director, G8 Office
    CIV+49(0)9641-83-8889, DSN (314) 475-8889, FAX +49(0)641-83-8416
  • Chief Budget
    CIV+49(0)9641-83-8403, DSN (314) 475-8403
  • Chief Manpower/Management
    CIV+49(0)9641-83-8632, DSN (314) 475-8632
  • Official Mailing Address:
    G8, 7ATC
    UNIT 28130
    APO, AE 09114-8130
  • Bundespost:
    G8, 7ATC
    Geb. 107
    92655 Grafenwoehr-Lager