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Intelligence and Security Section

7th ATC Intelligence and Security Section executes Information Security (INFOSEC), Communications Security (COMSEC), Personnel Security (PERSEC), Special Security, Intelligence Oversight (IO), and Foreign Disclosure program management to maintain and promote a high state of security vigilance and threat awareness within 7th ATC and the BMC.


  • Director, I&S Section
    CIV+49(0)9641-83-7950, DSN (314) 475-7950
    CIV+49(0)9641-83-6546, DSN (314) 475-6546
  • Foreign Disclosure
    CIV+49(0)9641-83-8291, DSN (314) 475-8291
    CIV+49(0)9641-83-6743, DSN (314) 475-6743
  • Intel Analyst
    CIV+49(0)9641-83-7661, DSN (314) 475-7661
    CIV+49(0)9641-83-8290, DSN (314) 475-8290