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What are OCT Teams?

Observer Coach Trainer Teams observe, coach, and train elements from sections through brigades(+) during the planning, preparation, and execution phases of simulated combat operations at Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC). These teams collect, analyze and provide feedback to rotational units via After Action Reviews and Take Home Packages.

In turn, they provide training feedback to the Army in the form of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP), professional articles and video products. The organization of the JMRC OCT teams reflects the MTOE of a brigade combat team.


The Adler OCT Team teach and mentors leaders and staffs of Brigade Support Battalions, Combat Sustainment Support Battalions and multinational partners preparing them to provide logistic support in austere environments during the conduct of Unified Land Operations.

Team Executive Officer: x5650
Team Operations Officer: x5339
Senior Logistical Sergeant Major: x5493
Senior Logistical Trainer: x5797
Team Support Operations Officer: x5758


(U.S. Air Force) The mission of the Bullseye Team is to integrate close air support into JMRC’s scheme of maneuver and to create the most realistic live and virtual close air support training scenarios for our joint, NATO and coalition partners to win today’s and tomorrow’s wars.

It is the premier live and virtual combat training center, focused on maintaining our tactical air control party combat edge and producing the most highly qualified and proficient tactical air control parties for our joint, NATO and coalition partners.

Team Executive Officer: x5542
Team Operations Officer: x5539
Senior Logistical Sergeant Major: x5532
Senior Logistical Trainer: x5529


The Falcon Team observes, coaches and trains U.S. and multinational aviation battalions and companies during the planning, preparation and execution phases of simulated combat operations at JMRC.

Team Executive Officer: x5439
Team Operations Officer: x5886
Senior Logistical Sergeant Major: x5352
Senior Logistical Trainer: x5867


The Griffin Team provides live, virtual, constructive and gaming training support to prepare units for the challenges of a complex and ever-changing environment.

Using a fully integrated instrumentation and engagement system, the Griffin Team also replicates critical complex battlefield effects, collects performance data, and provides instrumented, professional analytical feedback to prepare units for success on current and future battle fields.

The Griffin Team leverages the constructive simulation environment extensively to create realistic multi-echelon and multinational training environments with near-peer enemy capabilities to increase the competitive nature of the training exercises.

The Griffins are working with innovative technical solutions to share mission command information from various partner national systems and enable a common operating picture for the training units.

The Griffin Team at JMRC retains a unique capability to expand the reach of the training center through the deployment and employment of mobile instrumentation platforms to connect other external training areas to Hohenfels while continuing to provide battlefield effects, communications and feedback to training units at those remote sites.


The Grizzly Maneuver OCT Team trains U.S. and Multinational Cavalry / Scout Squadrons in reconnaissance and security tasks during Unified Land Operations, while executing Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) exercises.

Team Executive Officer: x5222
Team Operations Officer: x5521
Senior Logistical Task Force: x5323
Senior Logistical Trainer: x5257


The Minutemen are the National Guard and Reserve Component Office at JMRC, and support the operational training exercises by augmenting OCT, opposing forces and blue forces units with NG and RC Soldiers.

Minutemen are also responsible for the JMRC Troop Construction Program, which identifies and resources construction projects for U.S. military Engineer units (National Guard, Army Reserve and Active) to construct in order to improve the JMRC training capabilities while providing METL training opportunities to the participating unit.

Advisor: x5701
Senior Enlisted Advisor: x5899
Operations Officer: x5039
Supply NCO: x5802
Troop Construction Program OIC: x5171
Troop Construction Program NCOIC: x5848


The Mustang Team observes, coaches, and trains U.S. and multinational brigade and division level staffs during CPX and FTXs. It facilitates unit achievement of training objectives, prepares units for future operations and provides feedback on all staff activities to the unit leadership in the form of After Action Reviews, and develops scenarios for Brigade Combat Teams and KFOR mission rehearsal exercises.

Team Executive Officer: x5447
Team Operations Officer: x5876
Senior Logistical Task Force: x5074
Senior Logistical Trainer: x5337

Operational Environment Team

The JMRC Operational Environment (OE) Team constructs relevant and complex operational environments, develops and executes education and training, replicates interagency and intergovernmental entities, and incorporates lessons learned into publications and doctrine.

The OE Team enables the training of adaptive, effective Soldiers who can understand complex operational environments, identify and target root causes of instability, and conduct integrated missions with joint, interagency, and intergovernmental, multinational and Allied partners.

By combining the strengths of all these directorates, JMRC consistently delivers tough, realistic training to our U.S., NATO and other partners. Through participation in this world-class leadership lab, all training units depart more prepared to fight and win in a complex battlefield. Our focus on interoperability at the brigade and battalion level allows USAREUR to leverage the JMRC to address the most pressing security issues facing Europe, and continue to build relationships and capabilities with our Allies.


The JMRC Oscar Team is responsible providing trained professional role-players for all rotations at JMRC. Local nationals can augment the permanent staff of role-players during rotations to play civilians on the battlefield, key leaders in town-sets, and dislocated civilians. Use of these personnel maximizes the real-world training that the rotational unit achieves here at JMRC.

The Oscar team also comprises the Tapestry Team, which is responsible for designing the training scenario for the rotational training unit, as well as all Complex Battlefield Injects (CBIs) that the unit will experience during the rotation. These CBIs ensure that each unit achieves its training objectives.

Team Executive Officer: x5650
Team Operations Officer: x5339
Senior Logistical Sergeant Major: x5493
Senior Logistical Trainer: x5797
Team Support Operations Officer: x5758


The Raptor Team aligns with a U.S. Army BEB and BSTB elements. HHC, Military Intelligence, Engineer, Signal, and Military Police company teams are task organized to partner with their respective companies during a brigade training rotation.

The Raptors are also the proponent for the CIED team at JMRC. The Multinational Counter Improvised Explosive Device Training Team is designed to teach doctrinally based, technically specific counter IED tactics, techniques, and procedures to multinational battalions. The team provides training on the pillars of the counter IED fight: attack the network, defeat the device and protect the force.

Raptors partner with the Baltic nations, Poland and the Ukraine to further enable European Command’s Theatre Security Cooperation objectives and allow JMRC to truly conduct joint and multinational training.

Team Executive Officer: x5710
Team Operations Officer: x5611
Senior Logistical Sergeant Major: x5715
Senior Logistical Trainer: x5957


The Timberwolf Maneuver (Infantry and Armor Battalion) OCT Team trains U.S. and multinational units, leaders and staffs, up to battalion level, to dominate in the conduct of Unified Land Operations to enable JMRC’s mission.

The Timberwolves are JMRC’s lead team for partnering with land forces in Romania, Bulgaria and FYROM. Additionally, the team serves as the proponent for the Infantry School, the Infantry BCT Warfighters’ Forum, and doctrinal reviews for Infantry, Airborne and Air Assault operations.

Team Executive Officer: x5302
Team Operations Officer: x5377
Senior Logistical Sergeant Major: x5178
Senior Logistical Trainer: x5378


The Vampire OCT Team observes, coaches, teaches and mentors leaders and staffs of Field Artillery Units and multinational partners preparing them to dominate in the conduct of Unified Land Operations, now and in the future.

Team Executive Officer: x5266
Team Operations Officer: x5430
Senior Logistical Sergeant Major: x5835
Senior Logistical Trainer: x5833


The Vipers are the Combat Camera Team supporting JMRC using top-of-the-line digital video and still cameras, and professional quality editing capabilities. They are the eyes and ears of JMRC. Maintaining a staff of highly trained photographers and videographers, the team captures rotational training imagery in support of AARs and to fulfill Combat Camera requirements.

The team provides video and still photo documentation in support of the JMRC, to include end of rotations posters and command photos.

It supervises and directs multimedia projects and videography assets in support of U.S. and coalition forces at JMRC and U.S. Army Garrison-Hohenfels.


The Warhog Maneuver OCT Team trains leaders and staffs for units up to Battalion Task Force Teams, and multinational partners to dominate across the spectrum of Unified Land Operations anywhere in the world.


The Wolverine Team promotes U.S. and multinational SOF-CF interdependence and interoperability by leveraging the unique capabilities of JMTC, JMRC and JMSC. Concurrently, the SOF Cell also supports U.S. and MN SOF unilateral training and has set conditions to build partner SOF capability and capacity in the EUCOM AOR.

Wolverines are the proponent for the SOCEUR SOFEC JACKAL STONE exercises; supported the Crisis Action Planning segment of European Command's Exercise Austere Challenge, and ICW the Bullseye USAF team, hosted four DEMON ORBIT A/C-130 virtual Call For Fire events. The Wolverines also hosted and enabled a myriad of SOF unilateral training events spanning the Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels training areas.

The Wolverines have enabled SOF units from Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, the Netherlands and Moldova to train alongside US SOF formations from all branches of the US Armed Forces (AFSOC, MARSOC, SEALS, and U.S. Army Special Forces).

They have received recognition by the Combat Training Center Directorate of the Combined Arms Center as the definitive model among all U.S. Army CTC’s for SOF-CF interdependence and PN SOF interoperability.