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Joint Multinational Simulation Center

We provide and facilitate mission command training at all echelons through integration of established training environments (LVC-G) enabling commanders to accomplish training objectives.

JMSC maintains its pre-eminent role in delivering comprehensive training by incorporating technical and doctrinal innovations, providing Component and Unified Action Partners with training capabilities in support of Geographic and Functional Component Commands’ Theater Engagement Strategies focused on EUCOM, AFRICOM, CENTCOM, SOCOM and NATO.

Who We Are

The Joint Multinational Simulation Center, headquartered in Grafenwoehr, Germany, trains the art and science of command and control, from company-level to a 3-star command and staff. Through an efficient blend of virtual, gaming and constructive training, JMSC is able to better prepare Soldiers and units for any mission.

Connections Matter

JMSC is capable of linking training and simulations centers across Europe to provide simulated exercise rehearsals without expending a bullet or a drop of fuel, and can provide simultaneous constructive simulations that supplement live training and expand the battle space for U.S. and multinational training units.

JMSC Capabilities

JMSC provides and facilitates mission command training at all echelons through the integration of established Training Environments (Live, Virtual, and Constructive). Our key capabilities include our Mission Command Program, Digital Mission Command System Training, support to small unit collective training and the development and execution of Command Post Exercises.


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