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G2/Intelligence and Security Section

The G2 / Intelligence and Security Section is the assigned Intelligence Mission, Intelligence Oversight, Foreign Disclosure, Special Security, Information Security, Personnel Security, Physical Security, and Communications Security section to maintain and promote a high state of vigilance and threat awareness for 7th ATC.


  • Chief, G2/I&S
    CIV+49(0)9641-70-569-0080, DSN (314) 569-0080
  • Special Security/Information Security
    CIV+49(0)9641-70-569-0081, DSN (314) 569-0081
  • Personnel Security/Physical Security
    CIV+49(0)9641-70-569-2613, DSN (314) 569-2613
  • Foreign Disclosure
    CIV+49(0)9641-70-569-9038, DSN (314) 569-9038
  • Intelligence Team/Intelligence Oversight
    CIV+49(0)9641-70-569-0082/6759, DSN (314) 569-0082/6759
    CIV+49(0)9641-70-569-6546, DSN (314) 569-6546