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Times and locations of the potential noise-generating training activities and traffic impacts listed in these announcements may change are not meant to be all inclusive. For additional information regarding impacts in the local communities, contact your Bürgermeister, community council or Polizei.

Training: Impacts, Noise & Advisories

The 7th Army Training Command's Grafenwoehr Training Area serves a wide variety of customers. 7th ATC is conscious of the impact that training activities may have on the local populace and strives to be a good member of the community. When possible, we schedule the majority of our training events during weekdays and normal work day hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Aircraft

    What type of aircraft flies in GTA?
    • U.S. Fighter Jets, Rotary Wing and Fixed Wing
    • German Aircraft
    • NATO Forces Fighter Jets


    What type of Weapons are used in GTA?
    • Artillery
    • Small Arms
    • Tanks
    • Aerial Gunnery
    • Close-air Support

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  • Why is the training noise louder?


    Weather conditions, like wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity, and overcast or low-hanging clouds, may affect both the amplification of noise and distance in which sound is heard.


    Caliber of Weapons