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Waidmannsheil Dec. 18, 2015
Grafenwoehr's capabilities combined for rotational forces Nov. 20, 2015
7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command gets new senior enlisted advisor Nov. 20, 2015
French Ministry of Defense team visits 7th Army JMTC Nov. 18, 2015
U.S. Army's European training command to hold change of responsibility Nov. 20 Nov. 12, 2015
Norwegian Intelligence Team, Joins the Information Fight at Combined Resolve V Nov. 10, 2015
Veterans Day: Service members discuss values, service, sacrifice Nov. 9, 2015
Special Operations, Conventional Forces Build Interoperability at JMRC Nov. 9, 2015
Combined Resolve Raises the Bar Nov. 9, 2015
U.S. Army statement on Freihung train accident Nov. 6, 2015
Army Reserve PSYOPS, Civil Affairs Soldiers Share a Combined Resolve Nov. 3, 2015
Hohenfels' OPFOR Joins Bundeswehr Nov. 3, 2015
CBRN Soldiers clear pathways during Combined Resolve V Oct. 31, 2015
3rd ID Soldiers switch gears for Combined Resolve V Oct. 31, 2015
Expert Infantry Badge Expands Soldiers' Skills Oct. 31, 2015
"Air over armor" Oct. 31, 2015
Six NATO allies collaborate for PSYOP training Oct. 31, 2015
Multinational Army leaders address interoperability concerns during Combined Resolve V Oct. 30, 2015
Serbian Army trains on three objectives for Combined Resolve V Oct. 30, 2015
Germany claims European Best Squad title Oct. 22, 2015
Best Squad Competition tests mental and physical determination Oct. 22, 2015
Garrison force protection exercise: Crossing boundaries, joining commands Oct. 21, 2015
Service members join European Best Squad Competition Oct. 21, 2015
European Best Squad Competition kicks off Oct. 19, 2015
Commander of the Combat Readiness Center visits 7th Army JMTC Oct. 6, 2015
European Activity Set maintains big role in Combined Resolve V Sept. 28, 2015
Combined Resolve V to exercise Army's regionally-aligned forces to Europe Sept. 21, 2015
Army Europe simulation center gets new director Sept. 15, 2015
SMA Dailey speaks to future leaders in Grafenwoehr about professional development Sept. 9, 2015
What is Swift Response 15? Sept. 1, 2015
Swift Response 15 brings unique training operating environment to Allied participants Sept. 1, 2015
Exercise Swift Response rapidly builds combat power Aug. 28, 2015
Fighter jet fuel removed, prevents contamination Aug. 12, 2015
Three Soldiers from JMRC move on to Army Europe Best Warrior Competition Aug. 12, 2015
See faster, react faster, hit faster Aug. 13, 2015
Exercise Allied Spirit II strengthens NATO interoperability, relationships Aug. 12, 2015
Ghana soldiers get a taste of the Army's Warrior Leader Course Aug. 6, 2015
Hohenfels Training Area cleared to land C-130 aircraft at short takeoff landing strip Aug. 3, 2015
Allied Spirit II: Sustaining the NATO Alliance July 31, 2015
Leaders discuss future of Army in Europe during Grafenwoehr visit July 29, 2015
New precision guided fuse for artillerymen in Europe July 28, 2015
Hohenfels revitalizes drop zone for NATO airborne training July 23, 2015
Oberdachstetten Local Training Area: Hidden in plain sight July 22, 2015
Training management course helps commanders July 15, 2015
Tanzanian army chief visits JMTC July 13, 2015
Long distance training: Digital campus supports US and Polish Soldiers July 8, 2015
New commander for International Special Forces Training Center July 7, 2015
Live fire finish to Exercise Combined Resolve IV June 26, 2015
Secretary of Defense visits Grafenwoehr, observes training June 26, 2015
Still serving, Army veterans continue to make a difference in Operation Atlantic Resolve May 25, 2015
250 soldiers graduate from the 7th Army Non-Commissioned Officer Academy May 11, 2015
Warrior Leader Course successful in the Czech Republic May 8, 2015
The day in the life of a North Dakota public affairs detachment April 30, 2015
Restructuring of 12th Combat Aviation Brigade April 29, 2015
2nd Cavalry Regiment 'walk and shoot' boasts rapid integration April 28, 2015
173rd Airborne Brigade augments trainer staff at multinational exercise April 28, 2015
Massachusetts National Guard augments training center at multinational exercise April 28, 2015
Troops issued tankes for Combined Resolve IV April 27, 2015
Training no longer confined to single geographical area April 26, 2015
Combined Resolve IV to exercise Army's regionally aligned forces to Europe April 23, 2015
Whether ground or air: More than land training at Saber Junction 15 April 22, 2015
1-4 Infantry Battalion a force to be reckoned with April 22, 2015
Operation Letzlingen Shock begins in Germany April 21, 2015
'Dragons' breathe fire at multinational training April 21, 2015
Rotational troops get new rec center at JMTC training area April 20, 2015
The academic side of war fighting: How the Army resolves differences among multinational partners April 18, 2015
OCTs: The eyes and ears of multinational training April 17, 2015
For 2nd Cavalry Regiment, Saber Junction 15 offers post-war training in a complex environment April 16, 2015
Playing the bad guy at multinational exercise Saber Junction 15 April 15, 2015
How the Army provides medical support at a multinational exercise April 15, 2015
2nd Cavalry Regiment alongside NATO Allies at Saber Junction 15 April 15, 2015
Latvia enhances interoperability at Saber Junction 15 April 15, 2015
Army Europe senior leaders visit Saber Junction 15 April 15, 2015
2nd Cavalry Regiment engineers train to win at Saber Junction 15 April 15, 2015
Hundreds brave Grafenwoehr's brutal 15K obstacle course April 13, 2015
A logistical nightmare: How Saber Junction 15 tests support capabilities April 13, 2015
Care under fire: German medics train with wounded vets April 8, 2015
Making 'connections' at Saber Junction 15 April 8, 2015
Endangered bats protected in Hohenfels April 7, 2015
17 Nations get lasered up for Saber Junction 15 April 5, 2015
The evolution of Saber Junction April 4, 2015
JMTC earns Army Superior Unit Award April 3, 2015
Dragoon Ride: 2CR returns home to Vilseck April 2, 2015
From Aviano to Grafenwoehr in 18 hours April 1, 2015
British cadets reach 'pinnacle' at JMRC in quest for commission March 25, 2015
Saber Junction 15 kicks off with rapid-deployment and jump into Romania March 24, 2015
Planning, training makes for safe airborne training March 23, 2015
USAREUR G6 visits JMTC, meets with signal Soldiers March 20, 2015
WWII bomb defused a community effort at Army garrison in Grafenwoehr March 20, 2015
British cadets prove their mettle at Hohenfels March 19, 2015
NCO Academy reaches troops in Kosovo March 17, 2015
Reserve and active Soldiers bond through training March 11, 2015
Exercise Saber Junction 15 to prepare 17 nations in offensive, defensive operations March 4, 2015
U.S. Marines, Georgian soldiers complete training at JMRC March 4, 2015
Who's maintaining our vehicles and equipment prepositioned in Europe? March 2, 2015
Army Europe's JMRC offers lessons learned to Czech land forces Feb. 27, 2015
How one Marine is helping the Republic of Georgia Feb. 24, 2015
Republic of Georgia soldiers train with Marines at Army post Feb. 23, 2015
U.S. Marines, Georgian troops ready for NATO's Resolute Support Feb. 23, 2015
4ID deploys to Europe in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve Feb. 14, 2015
10 NATO Allies come together to plan major crisis response exercise Feb. 12, 2015
NATO's Communications and Information Agency attends Exercise Allied Spirit Feb. 3, 2015
Thinking outside of the box: changing the way we communicate Feb. 3, 2015
JMTC commander on JMTC's evolving role (part 1) Feb. 1, 2015
JMTC commander on JMTC's evolving role (part 2): Feb. 1, 2015
Understanding what Allied Spirit I does for NATO Jan. 29, 2015
Tactical voice bridge: How Allied Spirit I addresses multinational differences Jan. 29, 2015
USAREUR commander visits Exercise Allied Spirit I Jan. 28, 2015
Mississippi National Guard Assists in NATO exercise at JMTC Jan. 27, 2015
TRADOC commander visits Allied Spirit I in Hohenfels, Germany Jan. 25, 2015
Before they were Soldiers, they were father and son Jan. 23, 2015
Multinational senior military leaders visit Allied Spirit I Jan. 22, 2015
Exercise Allied Spirit supports Strong Europe Jan. 22, 2015
2nd Cavalry Regiment arrives ready for Allied Spirit I Jan. 18, 2015
Exercise Allied Spirit I underway at Hohenfels, Germany Jan. 16, 2015