As the Army’s forward Army Service Component Command in Europe, U.S. Army Europe serves a critical role in advancing U.S. interests. USAREUR:

  • provides a visible symbol of U.S. commitment to the region and our European allies.
  • ensures US strategic access to Europe and beyond through a frequency and intensity of interaction with allies and partners that greatly exceed that achievable by CONUS-based forces.
  • enables the development of stronger relationships that set the conditions for multinational interoperability.

USAREUR's enduring purpose is to be responsive and engaged; providing the full range of land power capabilities to EUCOM and other combatant commands to prevent, shape, and win:

  • responsive to U.S. European Command and other Combatant Commands.
  • strategic access – USAREUR maintains the critical logistical, communications, intelligence, medical and transportation infrastructure to support operational plans and contingencies
  • the European Activity Set, vehicles and equipment forward-positioned in Europe, supports European Rotation Force/NATO Response Force training and exercises
  • a logistics/personnel hub to move equipment, supplies and personnel to and from the CENTCOM area; Air Defense sites; and bases for rotational forces
  • engaged with regional partners.
  • more than 1,000 theater security cooperation events each year, including more than 20 scheduled multinational exercises and dozens of unscheduled exercises throughout Europe as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve
  • training and certification of allied and partner forces in the CENTCOM and AFRICOM AORs at the 7th Army Training Command
  • this training retains interoperability with North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies and develops the capability and capacity of our other partners, ensuring the capability of assigned forces and our most likely partners to rapidly meet existing and emerging requirements
  • trained and ready to support combatant commands with land power to prevent conflict, shape the environment and win decisively any conflict.
  • Responsive, operational forces – permanently assigned, Europe-based forces capable of a full range of activities from major combat operations to humanitarian assistance - such as: 2nd Cavalry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade, 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, and 10th Army Air Missile Defense Command
  • 21st Theater Sustainment Command provides a full range of logistical capabilities through units such as 7th Civil Support Command, 30th Medical Brigade and 18th Military Police Brigade, among others.
  • Integration of our Regionally Allocated Forces (Headquarters, 3rd Infantry Division and 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division) further reinforces the U.S. commitment to security in theater