Integrated Disability Evaluation System

The Integrated Disability Evaluation System, or IDES, is joint program between the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs that allows the disability evaluation system of Army (and those of the other military services) to run concurrently with the VA’s. It retains many of the same components of the legacy system, but eliminates the requirements for Soldiers to navigate the VA system by themselves after they are medically separated or retired. Also their VA benefits begin as they become civilians.

Soldiers and their families are encouraged to contact the IDES section for all IDES process questions. Contact information is listed below.


The USAREUR IDES process conducts the IDES Medical Board and VA disability evaluation in TDY and Return status. USAREUR Soldiers will be sent as a group with escorts to a CONUS MTF to begin their IDES medical board and VA disability evaluation within 60 days of receiving their P3/P4 profile.

Soldiers will stay assigned to their current unit during the entire IDES process. When the IDES process has been completed, Soldiers will be given 90 days to separate from the military.

Commander's Role

Soldiers receiving a P3/P4 profile will be referred into the IDES process which will trigger multiple overlapping and cascading actions. All commanders must establish their own E-Profile and Medical Operations Data System (MODS) to ensure they are able to track their Soldier IDES process. Contact your E-Profile installation administrator or the online MODS Help Desk for questions with your account.

All Soldiers will stay assigned to their current unit during the whole IDES process; unless they meet the IDES exception to policy criteria to be reassigned to their local WTB-Europe unit. Commanders must be prepared to support their Soldier’s IDES process; which consist of medical appointments, exams, VA teleconference, transportation to and from OCONUS airports for their IDES TDY flight, and separation procedures when they have completed their IDES process.

A Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer (PEBLO) at your local Military Treatment Facility (MTF) and IDES Contact Representative from your local Warrior Transition Battalion Europe (WTB-E) will be contacting you and your Soldier. They will schedule and conduct the required medical briefings, exams, VA Teleconference, TDY to CONUS MTF, and will act as guides for you and your Soldier.

All DTS functions for the IDES TDY will be performed by the IDES DTS Coordinators at WTB-Europe. They will schedule the required medical briefings, exams, VA Teleconferences, IDES TDY to CONUS MTF, and will act as guides for you, your Soldier, the Soldier’s family and your unit.

IDES Process in Europe

Contact Information

  IDES Staff Directory Phone Number
  IDES Program Manager 483-6212 / BB: 01722625580
  IDES PEBLO/TDY Coordinator 483-6780 / BB: 01722630887
  WTB-E Senior Transfer Coordinator 483-6218
  IDES TC/Escort Coordinator 483-6201
  IDES FLAG Soldiers/DTS Coordinator 483-6281
  IDES DTS Coordinator 483-6852
  A Co WTB-E IDES Contact Representative 483-6230
  B Co WTB-E IDES Contact Representative 476-2145
  C Co WTB-E IDES Contact Representative 354-7530
  WTE-E Battalion Surgeon/Medical Director 483-6235
  IDES PEBLO Staff Directory Phone Number
  LRMC Chief, Patient Affairs and Patient Accountability 486-5175
  LRMC PEBLO 590-6491
  LRMC PEBLO 486-7297/590-6487
  LRMC PEBLO 590-5095
  VICENZA PEBLO 636-9529
  BAVARIA PEBLO 476-2174/BB: 0162-297-6636
  BAVARIA PEBLO 476-2197/BB: 09662-83-2197
  BAVARIA PEBLO 476-2173/BB: 09662-83-2173