Exercise Immediate Response 2012

Lt. Col. Christopher Keller (middle), commander of 3rd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, speaks with Maj. Gen. Dragutin Repinc (left), Croatian Land Forces commander, at Grafenwoehr Training Area, Germany, March 13, 2012. Immediate Response '12 will be hosted in Croatia, beginning May 22. U.S. Army photo by Spc. Gertrud Zach

MULTINATIONAL BOOTS ON THE GROUND - U.S. Army Europe’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment Lt. Col. Kendric Robbins leads soldiers from eight different NATO partner nations in performing pushups after the closing ceremonies of the Immediate Response 2012 training event held in Slunj, Croatia, June 9.  Click the photo for our Flickr slideshow of all the action.

What is Immediate Response?

Immediate Response 2012 is a multinational tactical field training exercise that involves more than 700 personnel primarily from the U.S. and Croatian armed forces, with contingents from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Slovenia.  Macedonia and Serbia will send observers to the exercise.

The exercise runs from May 26 to June 10, 2012 in Slunj, Croatia.

Immediate Response is a part of USEUCOM’s joint training and exercise program designed to enhance joint and combined interoperability with allied and partner nations.  IR12 supports interoperability between the US Army, US Air Force, Croatian Armed Forces and partner nations and will help prepare participants to operate successfully in a joint, multinational, interagency, integrated environment.  A primary objective is to prepare participating nations for increased contributions to ongoing and future NATO operations.

Articles about Immediate Response

Aviation, vehicle fatalities decrease in 2011

Multinational exercise Immediate Response 2012 closes out in Croatia

More than 700 Croatian, U.S. and multinational forces from six other countries concluded two weeks of intensive training at a closing ceremony here June 9.


Immediate Response 2012

Multinational forces participate in concluding training events of exercise Immediate Response 2012

Laser beams slashed the air, machine guns rattled and smoke wafted through the village as Patria and Stryker Infantry Fighting Vehicles rushed soldiers into a mock village during one of the final missions of Immediate Response 12, a two-week multinational training exercise here.

Aviation, vehicle fatalities decrease in 2011

Multinational soldiers train together at Immediate Response 2012

Heavily forested terrain, steep hills and hot weather haven’t slowed down Soldiers with U.S. Army Europe’s 2nd Cavalry Regiment and their multinational partners during the Situational Training Exercise phase of Immediate Response 2012 here for the past few days. MORE

Aviation, vehicle fatalities decrease in 2011

Immediate Response 12 highlights multinational cooperation

Immediate Response 12, or IR12, the multinational military exercise between U.S. Army Europe, U.S. Air Force, the Croatian Land Forces and partner militaries from six other Balkan nations, began with an opening ceremony here May 26. MORE

Aviation, vehicle fatalities decrease in 2011

Troops prep for multinational exercise Immediate Response in Croatia

The NATO exercise Immediate Response 2012 will be hosted this year in Croatia, and involves forces from that nation as well as from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Serbia, Slovakia, and the United States. MORE


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