Jobs, Internships and Active Duty Operational Support at U.S. Army Europe

Civilian Employment at U.S Army Europe

The primary resource for those interested in working at U.S. Army Europe is the U.S Army Civilian Human Resource Agency-Europe Region employment website

Civilian employment opportunities are available in 3 categories:

Active Duty for Operational Support

Coming to Europe on Active Duty Operational Support, Reserve Component orders? 

Recruiting Locations

If you live in Europe and want to explore your options in the U.S. Army, visit one of our recruiting stations: 

Or speak directly with Digital Recruiter 'SGT STAR' online.

U.S. Army Europe Internship Program
German local national university students can gain work experience and sharpen English language skills at U.S. Army Europe. We offer internships in areas such as Human Resources, Public Affairs, Engineering, Chemistry and more. 
  • Minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Current full-time German university student or student who graduated from a European university within 6 months before beginning an internship.
  • Able to work a duty scheduled in accordance with German Social Law.
  • Able to successfully complete a background check which allows access to U.S. Army installations and possible Department of Defense computer network.
  • Able to work up to 90 days in the program. Length of internship will be in accordance with German Social and Labor Law.
  • U.S. citizens and dual citizenship U.S citizens are not eligible.

1. Your resume in English

2. Cover letter in English which must clearly state:

-- Career area of interest
-- Current program of study
-- Time frame available to intern
-- Type of experience requested
-- Desired location or area

3. Verification of student status

  • Pending a favorable outcome of background checks, internships normally begin between March and October. 
  • Notification of selection will be 30 days prior to beginning of internship, based on availability.