HQ USAREUR Registry of Motor Vehicles History

The United States Army, Europe (USAREUR) Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) was established approximately Twenty- three months after D-Day; the RMV was created in the rubble and chaos of postwar Germany. First established in Frankfurt in May 1946, it kept track of the cars that Soldiers acquired or brought into Germany. In August 1949 the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) moved to Building 11, Campbell Barracks, Headquarters, U.S. Army Europe. In September 1967 the RMV moved from Campbell Barracks to the American Shopping Center in Heidelberg, Germany until February 1975 when it again moved from the basement of the building in the American Shopping Center in Heidelberg to Building 3980 in the CPO and Family Housing Building, across the street from the Heidelberg Shopping Center on Czernyring . In February 1997 the RMV moved again from Heidelberg to Building 335 Taylor Barracks, Mannheim, Germany where it remained until March 2011 when U.S. Army Europe's restructuring and transformation resulted in the RMV moving from Mannheim Germany to its new home in Building 216 Sembach Kaserne, within the Kaiserslautern Garrison's footprint.

The RMV is a HQDA Non-appropriated Supplemental Mission Fund under the operational control of the USAREUR Provost Marshal. The organization operates around the clock every day of the year, supporting the operations of 16 field registration and driver's testing stations throughout Germany. RMV has many diverse missions and responsibilities from providing additional fuel authorizations, processing traffic tickets for all U.S. Forces in Germany and manufactures all U.S. Forces and German license plates used by U.S. forces personnel to ensure positive control and to achieve efficiencies and reduce overall registration costs.

The Registry has made many strides in implementing Force Protection measures to keep U.S. Forces personnel and family members safer; among the most visible measure was after many years of negotiations and final approval by German authorities, the RMV started converting to German plates in January 2006 and completed the changeover in 2008. All U.S. forces personnel and their family members receive German license plates from the area where they are stationed. This reduces the visibility of U.S. Forces members, making it safer for them to travel and blend into their local communities/environment. The Registry was instrumental in the implementation of the AAFES Germany Fuel Ration Card program and still processes all requests for additional fuel authorizations. We ensure that only authorized individuals get tax-free fuel in Germany. It also acts as the sole authority for tax-free fuel authorizations.

RMV establishes policy and creates the publications that govern driving and registering vehicles in Germany, driver's licensing and testing, as well as, owning and registering Privately Owned Firearms (POFs) in Germany. These regulations conform to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Supplementary Agreement and German law. Over the past few years German police have intensified traffic enforcement measures to make the roads safer. The RMV processes hundreds of thousands of traffic citations worth millions of dollars in fines, as well as suspensions and revocations for violations of U.S. and German law.

For the past Sixty- seven (67) years, the USAREUR Registry of Motor Vehicles has supported all members of the Forces, Civilian Components and their Families, and look forward to continue serving the proud men and women who dedicate their lives to protecting our freedom.