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Service Members (SMs) who have a US State issued motorcycle endorsement must complete the an initial Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic Rider Course (BRC)* during their Army career before receiving a USAREUR motorcycle endorsement unless the SM has completed a DUSD(I&E) endorsed, State-approved curriculum for MC operator’s safety training.  This is a one-time requirement.

MC applicants for a US Forces Certificate of License must have a valid State license with an MC endorsement in order to complete training provided by local Drivers Training/Testing Station, which then will issue a temporary license allowing them to complete local BRC or MSF courses.

Within twelve months after completing a BRC, SMs must complete an Experienced Rider Course (ERC, also known as BRC-II) or a Military Sport bike Riders Course (MSRC.  This course is valid for five years at which time the SMs must retake the ERC or MSRC.)

Additionally, SMs after a 5–year period of inactivity or upon acquisition of a new or change in motorcycle(s), SMs will again have to complete sustainment training by retaking the ERC or MSRC.  Although not mandatory, SMs are also encouraged to go through sustainment training again by retaking the courses after a major geographical change.

Motorcycle Strip

In addition to Helmets, boots and gloves required when operating or riding as a passenger on a motorcycle, mopeds, motorbikes, all terrain vehicles or similar vehicles the following safety equipment is mandatory in Germany:

1. Full-fingered gloves or mittens made from leather or other abrasion-resistant material.  (All personnel will wear?) (Excluding local national (LN) employees)

2. Soldiers assigned to USAREUR will wear a vest, upper garment, or motorcycle clothing that incorporates fluorescent and highly reflective material when operating or riding as a passenger on a motorcycle, moped motorbike, ATV, or similar vehicle at all times on or off post. Military uniforms, including Army physical fitness wear that is designed to be reflective, do not meet this criterion.

3. Army civilians, Family members, and contractors (excluding LN employees) will wear a vest, jacket, upper garments, or motorcycle clothing that incorporates fluorescent and highly reflective material when operating or riding as a passenger on vehicles describes in 2 above while on a military installation. For their own personal safety, these personnel (including LNs) are highly encouraged to wear fluorescent and highly reflective outer garments at all times when operating or riding as passenger on vehicles described in 2 above on public roads.

4. Over-the-ankle footwear according to DIDI 6055.04, enclosure 3, paragraph 6e(4)(c). Footwear should be made of sturdy leather and have a good oil-resistant sole to reduce slipping hazards. Service boots meet this requirement.  (All personnel?) (All excluding LN employees)

5. Long-sleeved shirt or jacket. (All personnel?) (All excluding LN employees).

6. Full-length trousers. (All personnel?) (All excluding LN employees).

USAFE-AFAFRICA personnel and their family members will follow provisions in Air Force Instruction 91-207 with USAFE supplement for the proper wear of all personal protective equipment while operating motorcycles on and off installations.

Seasonal Plates for U.S. Forces in Germany

Seasonal Plates

WIESBADEN, Germany -- U.S. forces personnel in Germany can now get seasonal license plates for vehicles they do not use throughout the year.

Seasonal license plates have two small numbers on the right side of the plate indicating the months between which the vehicle is legal to drive, with the registration being valid from the first day of the upper (first) month to the last day of the ending month (second)," said Tom Lorenzini, chief registrar at the USAREUR Vehicle Registry. "This will be a very easy process for the end user," he added.

Mr. Lorenzini said owners of motorcycles, campers, convertibles or vintage collector cars that do not have historical plates will benefit most from the seasonal plate system.

The new system means owners will no longer have to make extra trips to their local vehicle registration offices and register seasonal use vehicles as nonoperational during the periods the owner does not drive them. It can also reduce the cost of liability insurance during the time the vehicle is off the road, depending upon the insurance company.

License plates will be valid for up to three years for new vehicles, two years for vehicles less than 10 years old and one year for vehicles older than 10 years.

The plates will allow German and military police to easily see when a vehicle should not be on the road and punish violators. The seasonal plates have been available since April 1. However, registry officials said vehicle owners will have to be a little patient when ordering the new plates because each must be made individually to match the months the owner intends to drive the vehicle.

For more information on applying for seasonal plates, please visit or call your local vehicle registration office.

HQ USAREUR RMV Certificate of Drivers License Practice Test

SEMBACH Kaserne, USAG Kaiserslautern, Germany - Passing the U.S. Forces certificate of license test has just gotten easier. Soldiers, civilians and their family members can utilize the 200-question practice test to familiar themselves with the types of questions they will be presented with when they take the real test. The site offers the possibility to login and answer as many questions as you can with no time limit.  If you provide an email address as verification of your identity, you will be able to login later and continue where you left off. This is a great opportunity to maximize your chances of passing the test first time. Please click the link below to get started.



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