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Vehicle Registration Forms  

AE FORM 190-1AA: (PDF) Application for motor vehicle registration and allied transactions. Use this form for initial registration and replacing lost or stolen decals, license plates and documents.

AE FORM 190-1AA: (IBM Viewer)

AE FORM 190-1AG: (PDF) Request to waiver the limit of authorized pov's.

AE FORM 190-1AG: (IBM Viewer)

Operator License Form

AE FORM 190-1T: (PDF) Use this form for all driver license transactions.
Application for U.S. Forces POV Certificate of License and Allied Transactions.

AE FORM 190-1T: (IBM Viewer)

To obtain an Application for International Driver License please click here.

Request and Authorization for Additional Gas or Diesel Fuel

AE FORM 600-17A: (PDF)

Firearms and Ammunition

AE FORM 190-6D: (PDF) USAREUR Application for registration of a firearm.

AE FORM 190-6D Part A: (PDF) Application for/Authorization to Conduct Background Investigation
Background Investigation.

AE FORM 190-6D, Part B: Application for Issuance of a Permit Pursuant to the Weapons Law (WaffG) /Antrag auf Erteilung

AE FORM 190-6F: (PDF) Certification of Release/Donation of Privately Owned Firearm (POF) Release/Donation of POF.

AE FORM 190-6G: (PDF) Weapons Bill of Sale/Schußwaffen Kaufvertrag

AE FORM 190-6H, Part A: (PDF)
Commander's Statement of Reliability/Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung (for military and D.O.D. civilians)

AE FORM 190-6H, Part B: (PDF)
Commander's Statement of Reliability/Unbedenklichkeitsbescheinigung (for family members only)

AE FORM190-6M: (PDF) Application For A European Weapons Permit

AE FORM 190-6N: (PDF) Application for issuance of a small weapons permit for gas/blank firearm

Permit to import weapon into the Federal Republic of Germany in PDF format. Without this form, airport and/or other customs personnel will confiscate the weapon.
Verbringungserlaubnis form (in German/English)

Application for International Driver License

This form must be filled out and taken to your local U.S. Forces Driver Testing Station, Field Registration office, or the USAREUR Vehicle Registration Office located in room 126, bldg 216, Sembach Kaserne, Sembach /Kaiserslautern to be verified and stamped before taking it to the local German office. The Fee/Gebürhen may vary from state to state, normally from 13€ to 30€.

Rhineland Pfalz

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Baden Württemberg

Baden Würtemberg

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