Exercise Rapid Trident


Rapid Trident 2014 is a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff directed, EUCOM scheduled, USAREUR conducted, Ukrainian led Situational and Field Training Exercise held at the International Peace Keeping and Security Center (IPSC) in Yavoriv, Ukraine. The exercise will be conducted September 15-26, 2014.

Rapid Trident supports interoperability among Ukraine, US, NATO and Partnership for Peace member nations. 15 countries are taking part in the exercise with participation of approximately 1,300 personnel. RT14 will consist of a multinational battalion-level field training exercise.

In preparation for the field training exercise, training audiences will undergo one week of situational training exercises that focus on field training exercise key tasks such as countering improvised explosive devices, convoy operations and patrolling. The exercise will feature a combined, internationally staffed battalion focused on peacekeeping and stability operations.

Participating nations' forces include Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, and the U.S. The Rapid Trident exercise comes at the explicit request of the Ukrainian government and military.

Rapid Trident 2014 in the News

Rapid Trident

409th Contracting Support Brigade supports Rapid Trident 14

Soldiers from the 409th Contracting Support Brigade were in Yavoriv, Ukraine, to provide contracting support for Rapid Trident 14, Sept. 15-26.

Rapid Trident

Video: The USAREUR Soldiers Chorus performs Lorde's "Royals"

The United States Army Europe Soldiers Chorus Performs "Royals" by the artist "Lorde" at the Taras Shevchenko monument in downtown L'viv, Ukraine.

Rapid Trident

Video: Secretary of the Army, John McHugh, at Rapid Trident 2014

John McHugh, Secretary of the Army gives remarks during a press conference given during his visit to Rapid Trident 2014 near L'viv Ukraine.

Rapid Trident

Secretary of the Army John McHugh witnesses Rapid Trident 2014

YAVORIV, Ukraine -- U.S. Army Europe and Ukrainian Land Forces welcomed the Secretary of the U.S. Army John McHugh and senior military officials and dignitaries from several nations to Rapid Trident 2014 here, Sept. 19.

Rapid Trident

Stand-To! Exercise Rapid Trident

STAND-TO! is the "Official Focus of the U.S. Army," contains a daily focus of news, information, and context for today's Army. It has a mission focus of providing a broad, objective view of the Army and current Army operations, doctrine and programs.

Rapid Trident

Video: Opening Ceremony-Remarks by Col. Alexander Sivak

Exercise Co-Director, Ukrainian Colonel Alexander Sivak gives a speech at the opening ceremony for Rapid Trident 2014, near L'viv Ukraine.

Rapid Trident

Video: Opening Ceremony-Remarks by Col. Alfred Renzi

Exercise Co-Director, U.S. Colonel Alfred Renzi gives a speech at the opening ceremony for Rapid Trident 2014, near L'viv Ukraine.

Rapid Trident

Video: Rapid Trident Opening Ceremony

U.S. Army Europe and the Ukrainian Military kicked off Exercise Rapid Trident on September 15, 2014, at the International Peacekeeping and Security Center near L’viv, Ukraine.

Rapid Trident

Rapid Trident 2014 begins in Ukraine

YAVORIV, Ukraine- Soldiers from 15 nations began two weeks of collective training in a ceremony September 15 at the International Peacekeeping and Security Center here to mark the official start of Rapid Trident 2014.

Rapid Trident

U.S. Army Europe announces U.S. participation in exercise Rapid Trident in Ukraine

WIESBADEN, Germany -- Soldiers with U.S. Army Europe and the Ukrainian Land Forces will conduct Rapid Trident 2014 at the International Peacekeeping and Security Center, Yavoriv, Ukraine, Sept. 15-26.



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