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Lines of Effort


USAREUR prepares for future contingencies while routinely supporting ongoing operations for multiple functional and geographic Combatant Commands. USAREUR uses a building block approach to plan, train and execute Unified Land Operations. This approach includes: developing supporting plans to Combatant Command contingency and crisis action plans, conducting individual Soldier and Leader development, squad through brigade collective training, live-fire qualifications and large-scale joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational (JIIM) exercises. USAREUR retains the capability to deploy its Contingency Command Post (CCP) to conduct direct mission command for USEUCOM emerging requirements.


Develop Professional Soldiers, Leaders and Staff Officers

Leader, staff officer and individual development are deliberate, continuous, and progressive, spanning an individual's entire career. USAREUR builds competent professionals by expanding their operational experiences, providing rigorous training and institutional education opportunities, mentorship, and programs fostering self-development. USAREUR understands its obligation to continually strengthen today's leaders while developing the leaders of tomorrow.


  • Conduct professional military and civilian education programs
  • Conduct staff officer training programs
  • Enhance the discipline, strength and competency of individual Soldiers
  • Develop a fully functional mission command program


Strengthen Cohesive Units and Teams

USAREUR increases combat proficiency by reinforcing basic military skills and conducting challenging, mission-focused collective training events. We use a variety of events to train, build teams and create strong military units. USAREUR balances home station training; tailored mission rehearsal exercises, decisive action training events, live-fire qualifi cations and exercises for units to hone offensive, defensive, and stability operation skills.


  • Conduct collective squad through company level maneuver training and live-fire qualification
  • Conduct battalion and brigade level command post exercises
  • Conduct mission rehearsal exercises and decisive action training events
  • Provide intelligence support to training


Enhance training resources

While prevailing in today's wars, USAREUR remains focused on preparing forces for the next war. To provide Warfighters with the best possible training, USAREUR continues enhancing its modern training facilities, closing excess facilities and improving home station training capabilities.


  • Develop enhanced live-fire capabilities at the Grafenwoehr Training Area and local home station ranges
  • Maintain state-of-the-art home station training capabilities
  • Enhance virtual and contructive wrap-around capabilities to enhance the scope and effectiveness of live training events
  • Develop and implement a combat training center live-fire program to meet contingency expeditionary force training requirements


Protect the Force

USAREUR is committed to deterring, disrupting, countering or mitigating threats to U.S. and multinational military and civilian partners. We remain vigilant and proactive in protecting personnel, physical assets and information from terrorist, computer network, chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attacks and health threats.


  • Exercise tactical control for force protection in accordance with USEUCOM directives
  • Maintain effective unit anti-terrorism programs
  • Conduct Intelligence support to force protection
  • Conduct computer network defense and information assurance


Conduct and Support Current and Future Operations

USAREUR actively conducts and supports the operations of multiple geographic and functional Combatant Commands. USAREUR synchronizes and integrates the planning, preparation, execution and assessment of operations across the current, future and planning horizons.


  • Conduct short-term planning, issue orders and monitor, assess, collect and process relevant operational information to
    provide and disseminate a common operational picture
  • Develop supporting plans to USEUCOM contingencies and Department of the Army requirements
  • Provide forces, resources and planning in support of Ballistic Missile Defense
  • Manage the Global Force Management Process, Joint Operations Planning and Execution System, Time Phased Force
    Deployment Data and Request For Forces
  • Conduct regionally focused intelligence collection, analysis, production, and dissemination
  • Provide a deployable Contingency Command Post to support USEUCOM contingency operations
  • Conduct Inform and Influence activities

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