The Low Altitude Night Intercept Areas (LANIA) in Germany will be transformed into Low Altitude Night Training Areas (LANTA) and published as ED-R as of March 29th 2018. For more information open the attachment.

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LANTA eff. 29MAR2018

Centralization Flight Information Service in Germany


The DFS is centralizing it's Flight Information Service in Langen. They start with the Munich FIR. Attached is a map with the new sectors and frequencies as of March 29th 2018.

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FIS Sectors & Frequencies eff. 29MAR2018

8.33 kHz below FL195


EU Member States started to deploy 8.33 kHz channel spacing and starting January 1st 2018 833 will become a requirement for most aircraft. State (military) aircraft are usually exempt, at least for a grace period.

If your aircraft is equipped with 8.33 kHz capable radio equipment make sure you enter the 'Y' in item 10a of the flight plan form.

If your aircraft is not equipped with 8.33 kHz capable radio equipment but equipped with UHF radio enter the letter 'U' and 'Z' in item 10a of the flight plan form. In item 18 enter 'COM/EXM833'.

Most EU states have published information about the 833 introduction in an Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC). Please contact our NOTAM section in case you need further information from any of the EU countries.

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Status of the 833 Voice Channel Spacing Implementation below FL195

Eurocontrol Guidelines on 8.33kHz channel spacing for military operators

Definition of "night" for use in flt ops of the armed forces in Germany eff. 01FEB2018


Effective February 1st sunrise and sunset of Kassel will be used to define the night time for flight operations at night in Germany.

So far it is calculated by specified deviations for the longitudes of the place to be determined and in each case 30 minutes after sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise. So it could happen that even within a FIR different night times were used.

This calculation won't be necessary any more effective February 1st. Just look up the end of civil evening twilight (ECET) and the beginning of civil morning twilight (BCMT) in the respective table in the MIL AIP Germany.

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Sunrise Sunset table Germany eff. 01FEB2018

Renaming of Sondrestrom FIR as of March 1st 2018


As a consequence of the reallocation, during autumn 2014, of the COM Centre, Rescue Coordination Centre and the Flight Information Centre from Kangerlussuaq (Sondrestrom) to the Greenlandic capital, Nuuk, the Sondrestrom Flight Information Region (FIR) will be renamed NUUK FIR. The change will take place on 1 March 2018. At the same date the Sondrestrom Search and Rescue Region (SRR) will be renamed Nuuk SRR. AIP Greenland is updated accordingly to reflect the said changes.

As an additional consequence the identification of the aeronautical station serving the Flight Information Centre in Greenland as of March 1st 2018 will change its identification/radio telephony callsign from "Sondrestrom Information" to "Nuuk Information". As for the latter change, close attention should be payed - both for pilots and ATS-personnel - to the importance of using full callsigns of aeronautical stations, e.g. "Nuuk AFIS" indicating a call to/from the aerodrome flight information service at Nuuk Airport, and "Nuuk Information". indicating a call to/from the Flight Information Centre (FIC).

Reference: AIP Greenland AIC A01/18.


MARCH 29 2018