Flight Planning

Flight Plan submission

In order to submit your flight plan by e-mail, please fill out the interactive 1801 Flight Plan Form (.pdf) and and send it to: usarmy.badenwur.usareur.mbx.afod-fdp--@mail.mil.

If at all possible, please submit your flight plans to AFOD no more than 5 days (120 hours) before departure. Due to technical constraints we are not able to accept any flight plans more than 10 days in advance.

1801 interactive PDF with Continuations:

Also available as:

Flight Plan Examples

Move the mouse pointer over the individual entries in the flight plan examples to show the corresponding explanations. For a printable summary of all explanations, see AFOD Flight Planning Hints.

VFR Flight Plans:

IFR Flight Plans:

Composite Flight Plans

Additional Documentation

Preferential Routes

CAUTION  The AFOD provides preferred routing as a service to our customers. It remains the pilot's responsibility to verify the routes with their mission requirements, aircraft capabilities, etc. The AFOD service of preferred routes and assistance in developing other routes does NOT negate basic Pilot in Command responsibilities.

Click here
to download the latest version of the
AFOD Preferential Route Document!

If an IFR route is not listed in our Preferential Route document, please copy and paste the template below into a blank e-mail, enter your data and send it to usarmy.badenwur.usareur.mbx.afod-fdp--@mail.mil. All items are mandatory! Please provide as much detail as possible to ensure we can find the best routing for your mission. The suggested routing does not take into account your aircraft specific capabilities or current NOTAMs. For aircraft type, use ICAO designators e.g. B190 instead of C-12J. Please use a separate template for each leg. Note that we can only provide routes for the current AIRAC cycle. For a date of flight beyond the current AIRAC cycle, we will only make suggestions based on the current data to assist in the early planning stage.

Preferential Route Request (e-mail template)

Blank Template

Aircraft Type (ICAO designator):
Equipment (Item 10a/b):
Min. FL:
Max. FL:
Preferred FL:
Departure Airfield (ICAO):
Destination Airfield (ICAO):
Via Countries:
Avoid Countries:
Proposed Route (optional):
DOF (if known):

Sample Request

Aircraft Type (ICAO designator): BE20
Equipment (Item 10a/b): SDFGRTUY/S
Min. FL: 230
Max. FL: 270
Preferred FL: 270
Departure Airfield (ICAO): ETOU
Destination Airfield (ICAO): LIPZ
Via Countries: Austria
Avoid Countries: Switzerland
Proposed Route (optional):
DOF (if known): 160623

Note: Please include equipment and PBN information in your request. Otherwise the routing we provide will be based on generic equipment data and may not work for your actual aircraft.

Please note: We can only provide preferential routes for the following areas: Europe (IFPS Zone), Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Qatar, routes for flights between Europe and Afghanistan and Blue Spruce Routes across the North Atlantic.

For further information and as a navigation aid please open the following .pdf files:

German AIP ENROUTE 4.1/4.4
Radio Navigation Aids (Germany)
Name-Code Designators for Significant Points (Germany)

Preferred routes documents (source national AIP's)

Additional Flight Planning Information

US DOD FLIP VFR Europe ARR/DEP Procedures

The German MIL AIP is authorized as the US Army source for VFR procedures at all German military and German civil airfields published in the GEMIL FLIP VAD.
Visit: https://www.milais.org/
1. Click on 'Publications', then accept the terms and conditions.
2. In the center of the screen select 'GEMIL FLIP VAD' from the drop down menu 'Publication'.
3. Check 'All data available' and click on the magnifying lens.
A GEMIL FLIP VAD legend will be provided to USAREUR standardization silots and is available for other services upon request at: usarmy.sembach.hqda.mbx.usaasd-e@mail.mil

TACAN Route Summary

TACAN route summary for Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium and Norway.
Click here to download

German Airfield Practice Aproach Fees

Most civil airfields in Germany have landing and service fees associated with landing rights. A recent incident has highlighted the fact that there are also several airfields that charge for practice approaches. The only way to find out this is by ATC telling you to land and pay the fee (which will also incur a landing fee!) or by consulting the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) at AFOD prior to your flight. Most of the airfields that charge approach fees are privately run and include Friedrichshafen (EDNY), Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (EDSB) and Paderborn/Lippstadt (EDLP). You should question any airfield that was once owned by a foreign government and has been returned to local control. If you have any doubts about aeronautical fees that may be charged to your aircraft, the PIC should call ahead to the airfield in question or contact AFOD's NOTAM section for further guidance.

Mode-S Policy Germany

Please open following document:
Mode-S Policy Germany (MIL AIP Germany, GEN 1.5)

Restrictions concerning Class C airspace in Frankfurt/Main

Due to increased traffic volume at and in the vicinity of Frankfurt/Main Airport, transit flights through Frankfurt Class C airspace should be avoided.

For details, please open following document:
Restrictions concerning Class C airspace in Frankfurt/Main (AIC IFR 10)

Procedures for Flights Into HFCA Alpen

An excerpt from the German MIL AIP prescribing the procedures for flights into the Helicopter Flight Coordination Area (HFCA) Alpen can be downloaded through the link below.

Please note that these procedures also apply to all flights to and from Sheridan Barracks Landing Area as Garmisch is located inside the HFCA Alpen.