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Following are two possible ways to create a ceremonial CD for playback.

To create a ceremonial music disc in .mp3 format to be played back on an MP3 player:

1. Go to the music downloads section.

2. Right-click on the .mp3 link for the tune you want.

3. Click on Save Target As...

4. Navigate to your storage device and click Save. 

5. Repeat as desired for all the tunes you want, and organize as you would any other mp3 album.  

To create a standard audio CD playable on any CD player (using Windows Media Player):

 1.  Create a new folder on your desktop (right-click on the desktop, click New, click Folder, press Enter).

 2.  In the music downloads section, right-click on the .wav link for the tune you want.

 3.  Click on Save Target As…

 4.  Navigate to your new folder on the desktop.  Being sure you select Save as type: Wave Sound, click Save.

 5.  Repeat as needed for all the tunes you need.

 6.  When you are sure you have all the files you need, rename each to begin with a two-digit number.  (Renaming is important because Windows Media Player records the files to CD in alphabetical order.)  For example, if this is your entire ceremony: 

  • Present Arms
  • Order Arms
  • Parade Rest

then rename the music files to:

  • 01Present_Arms.wav
  • 02Order_Arms.wav
  • 03Parade_Rest.wav

          or Order Arms will be first on the CD, and Present Arms will be last. 

  1.  7.   When you're certain your new folder has a complete ceremony in the proper order, insert a blank CD-R into your CD-R/W drive.

  • If a dialog box pops up asking you what you want Windows to do, choose Select media to Copy to CD.  Windows Media Player will automatically open.

  • If no dialog box pops up, open Windows Media Player the conventional way.

  1.  8.   In Windows Media Player, click on Media Library in the services bar.

  2.  9.   Click on Add, then click on By Searching Computer.

  3. 10.  Click on Browse and navigate to your New Folder.  Click OK.

  4. 11.  Click Search.  The search will quickly be over, and the search results will be displayed. Close this box to return to Windows Media Player.

  5. 12.  Your downloaded wave files should appear on the right.  (If they don't, click on All Music in the directory tree on the left to find them.) 

  6. 13.  Press Ctrl+A to select all files.  (If other older music files appear, simply delete the unneeded ones from the Media Library only, and you can search for them later if needed.)

  7. 14.  Click Playlists, and click New Playlist…

  8. 15.  Type a name for your ceremonial playlist and click OK.  Your new playlist should now be highlighted in the directory tree on the left.

  9. 16.  Click on Copy to CD or Device in the services bar.  Your ceremonial playlist should appear.

  10. 17.  Check all boxes on the left to select all files for copying.

  11. 18.  In the upper-right corner, click on Copy.  Wait patiently while Windows Media Player creates your ceremonial CD.

Unless otherwise noted, all songs were recorded by the USAREUR Band. Windows users should download  Windows Media Player,  Macintosh users need  Apple Quicktime to play the MP3 files. 


(1)  We do not restrict downloads from our website. If you are unable to download music (you get a restriction notice), please contact your system administrator for assistance.  (2) Although we have attempted to make these instructions as easy as possible, the details of downloading and building of a ceremonial CD may vary depending upon your system hardware and software.  Please consult your system administrator for technical assistance.


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