Combined Federal Campaign

Help us reach our goal of $1.725 M

Campaign donations:
$1,360,601.51 as of Dec. 11, 2014

The mission of the Combined Federal Campaign Overseas is to support and to promote philanthropy around the globe through a voluntary program that is employee-focused, cost-efficient and effective in providing all federal employees the opportunity to support their personal and professional values while improving the quality of life for all.

Give to Make a Difference. Give Because You Care.

The CFC-Overseas campaign begins Sept. 8, so join in and make your pledge to the CFC-O today.

To learn about this opportunity, speak with your unit representative or go to

CFC is the only authorized solicitation of federal employees in their workplaces on behalf of approved charitable organizations.

  • Every leader and supervisor across Europe is encouraged to support this campaign by affording 100% of Soldiers and DoD civilian employees the informed opportunity to give.
  • Now it is easier than ever to make a world of difference by contributing to your favorite charity online.
  • During the 2013 Combined Federal Campaign – Overseas, USAREUR & IMCOM-E donations exceeded $1.8 million. Additionally, contributors giving to Family Support & Youth Programs (FSYP) raised more than $90,729.00 to support local programs. FSYP is a unique giving opportunity from which 100% of the donations are returned to local military communities. These funds are distributed to the installation of origin and used to support quality of life programs for Soldiers, DoD civilians and their families.

Go to the CFC-Overseas homepage to make a contribution online. The 2014 CFC-Overseas campaign runs Sept. 8-Nov. 21. Donations can be made on a pledge card, or by using MyPay or EGiving.

Family Support & Youth Programs

Unique to the CFC-O, undesignated contributions (up to six percent of campaign gross revenue) are returned to overseas installations as Family Support & Youth Programs funds to be invested in quality of life programs. Installation commanders use FSYP funds at their discretion while following branch of service and OPM guidelines.

The CFC-O does not withhold any administrative fees from FSYP donations, so your donations go right to work in your community. For 2013, the CFC-O will return nearly $500,000 to support local programs.

For more information on how to make an FSYP contribution, visit the CFC website.

CFC Television Spot

CFC Project Officers


Installation/Area Name


  USAG Ansbach 467-3471
  Alternate 467-3469
  USAG Baumholder 493-4005
  Alternate 485-1530
  USAG Benelux (Brussels, Chievres and Schinnen) 361-5945
  Alternate 361-5301
  USAG Bavaria (Garmisch) 440-3572
  Alternate 440-3483
  USAG Bavaria (Grafenwoehr) 475-6133
  USAG Bavaria (Hohenfels) 466-2428
  Alternate 466-4030
  KFOR AST Balkans 781-4409
  KFOR Camp Bondsteel 781-4409
  MNBG-E Kosovo 781-3120
  USAG Rhineland-Pfalz 493-4005
  Alternate 493-4005
  Romania/Bulgaria/Black Sea 771-2105
  USAG Stuttgart 431-2086
  Alternate 431-2999
  USAG Vicenza 637-2125
  Alternate 634-7973
  USAG Wiesbaden 548-0402

Award-winning Artwork

  • Kindergarten: Katalina Petit-Guilleh, Incirlik Unit School, Incirlik, Turkey

  • 1st grade: Kalli Hebert, Bahrain Elementary School, Kingdom of Bahrain

  • 2nd grade: Logan Sturgeon, Bahrain Elementary School, Kingdom of Bahrain

  • 3rd grade: Grace Walter, C.T. Joy Elementary School, Chinhae, Korea

  • 4th grade: Tristin Sorenson, Sasebo Elementary School, Sasebo, Japan

  • 5th grade: Kershie Garcia, Illesheim Elementary School, USAG Ansbach, Germany

Read more about CFC-Overseas' 2014 competition and see the winning artwork here.