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Learn about the U.S. Army in Europe and the value we bring for Americans, Europeans and regional stability.

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Besides hundreds of smaller military-to-military interactions, we participate in numerous large, multinational land power exercises throughout the European continent.



The U.S. Army has had strong European allies dating back to the American Revolutionary War more than 200 years ago.



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Operation Atlantic Resolve

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President Barack Obama“NATO, including the United States, will defend Estonia. Will defend Latvia. Will defend Lithuania. Will defend all of our NATO allies. As NATO allies, we stand together. We stand as one.”

-President Barack Obama
Sept. 5, 2014

By the Numbers

7th Army Joint Multinational Training CommandDuring the 2013 calendar year, U.S. Army Europe’s 7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command participated in 29 exercises, training 17,336 Soldiers from 44 countries.