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The DoD Contractor Personnel Office (DOCPER) implements the Agreements of 27 March 1998, and the Agreements of 29 June 2001, signed by the U.S. Embassy and German Foreign Ministry, establishing bilateral implementation of Articles 72 and 73 of the Supplementary Agreement (SA) to the NATO Status of Forces Agreement. These two Articles govern the use in Germany of DOD contractor employees as Technical Experts (TE), Troop Care (TC) providers, and Analytical Support (AS) contractor personnel.  Contracts that propose to employ TE, TC providers, or AS personnel in Germany, and the applications of individuals seeking TE/TC/AS status under those contracts, are submitted through DOCPER.


NOTE:the Department of Defense Contractor Personnel Office (DOCPER) cannot assist you in finding employment with a company contracted to provide services to the forces in Germany. This office, DOCPER, is responsible for assisting contractors to receive status under NATO SOFA once they have been offered such a position. We are not authorized to provide any form of guidance or assistance to individuals who are seeking contractor employment in Germany. If your desire is to seek federal employment, then please begin your search at www.usajobs.gov.

Telephone: DSN (314) 537-1577/1571/1572 (Commercial: 0611-143-537-1577/1571/1572) (From the US, via civilian phone, use: 011-49-611-143-537-1577/1571/1572)

FAX: DSN (314) 537-1578 (Commercial: 0611-143-537-1578) (From the US, via civilian phone, use: 011-49-611-143-537-1578)

Military postal address:
Department of the Army
DoD Contractor Personnel Office
Unit 29351
APO AE 09014-9351

German Post:
DOD Contractor Personnel Office (DOCPER)
Postfach 19 52
68709 Schwetzingen, Germany

Electronic mailusarmy.badenwur.usareur.mbx.odcs-g1-docper@mail.mil

[NOTE: DOCPER deals with contractor NATO SOFA status accreditation issues only! For civilian personnel issues related to GS, NAF, and LN employment please go to the Civilian Human Resource Agency - Europe Region website.] 

DOCPER operates within USAREUR Deputy
Chief of Staff G1, Civilian Personnel Directorate


To submit a contract, please submit a COR Designation Letter signed by the contracting officer to the link provided below. The COR Designation Letter must list the contract number and delivery order/task order number and include the CORís phone number.