USAREUR G1 Directory

Clay Kaserne, Wiesbaden
Military Phone: DSN 537-XXXX
Civilian Telephone: 0611-143-537-XXXX


Office of the G1

G1 537-1006
ADCS, G1 537-1002
G1, SGM 537-1003
G1 Executive Officer (XO) 537-1004
G1 Assistant Executive Officer (AXO) 537-1005
Deputy Chief of Staff, G1 Secretary 537-1006

Civilian Personnel Directorate (CPD)

ADCS, G1-Civilian Personnel Directorate (CPD) 537-1501
G1-Deputy Director Civilian Personnel (CPD) 537-1502
Civilian Personnel Directorate (CPD) Executive Officer (XO) 537-1503
Chief, Employment & Compensation Branch 537-1531
Chief, Workforce Effectiveness, Planning & Analysis Branch 537-1511
Chief, Defense Civilian Pay System 537-1551
Chief, DoD Contractor Personnel Office 337-1571

Military Plans and Policy Division (MPPD)

Chief, Plans & Operations 537-1381
Plans & Operations NCOIC 537-1383
Chief Operations Officer 537-1371
Deputy Chief of Operations 537-1387
Chief, Exercise & Plans 537-1382
Contigency Plans Officer 537-1375
SR Strategic Plans Officer 537-1380

Ready & Resilient Division (R2)

Director R2D 537-1201
Deputy Director R2D 537-1202
R2 SGM 537-1203
Admin Assistant 537-1204
Chief, Programs and Policy 537-1202
SHARP Program Manager 537-1221
SHARP Program Specialist 537-1222
Chief, Soldier and Family Readiness 537-1211
Command Values Program Manager 537-1212
Well-Being Program Manager 537-1231

Equal Opportunity (EO)

USAREUR EO Program Manager 537-1021

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)

Chief, EEO 537-1031
EEO Special Emphasis Program Manager 537-1032

Personnel Readiness Improvement and Development Team (PRIDE)

PRIDE Team NCOIC 537-1091
PRIDE Team NCO 537-1092/1093/1094

Active Component Retention (AC)

Command Career Counselor 537-1081
Senior Operations NCO 537-1082
Operations NCO 537-1084

Reserve Component Retention (RC)

Command Career Counselor 537-1061
Career Counselor 537-1062

Support Services Division (SSD)

Chief, SSD 537-1011
Resource Management 537-1013
Program Analyst 537-1015
Management Analyst 537-1017
Logistics/Accountability Officer 537-1019

TAG Headquarters

TAG 537-1101/1102
Admin Assistant 537-1103
Fax 537-1105

Analytics Division

Chief, Analytics 537-1111
Analytics Officer 537-1112
Analytics Specialist 537-1115

Systems Division (HRSD)

Chief, HRSD 537-1164
eMILPO Mailbox E-MILPO Helpdesk
UPDB Mailbox UPDB Helpdesk

Theater Manning Division

Director 537-1121
Manning NCOIC 537-1142
Manning Support 537-1127
Manning Actions 537-1123
Manning Strength 537-1136
Manning AVN/WO 537-1130
Manning Senior Leader Assignments (MAJ (P), LTC, COL) 537-1119
Manning Division Email
Officer Actions
Enlisted Actions
NOTE: Naming convention when submitting actions:

Awards & Special Actions Branch

Chief, AAB 537-1141
Awards 537-1143/1144/1145/1146
Awards Mailbox Awards Mailbox
Retirement/Separation Actions 537-1147
Special Actions Mailbox Special Actions Mailbox