Welcome to the USAREUR G1 Home Page


The USAREUR G1 plans, coordinates and champions theater level personnel service and support within the USAREUR footprint in a manner that ensures the timely and successful accomplishment of all ASCC & Title 10 HR responsibilities.


1.  Execute Theater HR and payroll responsibilities in a manner that mandates improved readiness for DoD, DA, EUCOM and USAREUR.

2.  Embrace and integrate sound HR and payroll principles, initiatives, and flexibilities into the life cycle management of USAREUR´s military and civilian workforce.

3.  Empower the CoC with the HR policies, processes and initiatives to win on the battlefield while simultaneously achieving USAREUR´s rebasing and transformation end state.

4.  Set the conditions that contribute to the well-being, retention, development and successful transition of Soldiers, Civilians, and their Families.