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USAREUR Green Procurement Program

...the purchase of environmentally friendly, or “green", products and services [more..]

Pathway to Green Procurement
GP Installation Template

According to the DOD GP policy and strategy, the Environmental Management System is the most suitable framework for the Green Procurement Program (GPP). [more...]


This Army Strategy for the Environment represents such a change in Army thinking. It represents a major advancement in the Army’s appreciation of the interdependence between our mission, the community, and the environment. It builds on the knowledge and experience gained since the Army’s last environmental strategy was published in 1992 – a strategy based on the four pillars of conservation, restoration, [more...]


The Army Strategy for the Environment is designed to strengthen the Army today and into the future. It establishes the long-range vision for a sustainable Army, and the goals upon which the vision is based. This Strategy transitions the Army’s compliance-based environmental program to a mission-oriented approach based on the principles of sustainability. [more...]

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