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Green Procurement - Vision

The Army Strategy for the Environment is designed to strengthen the Army today and into the future. It establishes the long-range vision for a sustainable Army, and the goals upon which the vision is based.

This Strategy transitions the Army’s compliance-based environmental program to a mission-oriented approach based on the principles of sustainability. This document explains why this change is so important to the Army and how this sustainability-based Strategy improves the Army.

The term “sustainability” may have different meanings in different contexts. For the purposes of this Strategy, a sustainable Army simultaneously meets current as well as future mission requirements worldwide, safeguards human health, improves quality of life, and enhances the natural environment.

Sustain the Mission

This Strategy is inspired by the need to address global factors influencing our Nation’s security and stability. These factors have dramatically changed since the Army last published a comprehensive environmental strategy in 1992. America’s potential enemies are no longer exclusively established states with physical assets at risk. Advances in technology, ever-increasing global population, and urbanization have effectively made the world smaller. They have placed greater stresses on the world’s interconnected human, economic, and natural systems. Local and regional issues, such as famine, natural disasters, ecological degradation, economic decline, political upheaval, and disputes over precious and sometimes scarce natural resources are evolving into global issues that influence how the United States must respond and interact – through political, economic, and when necessary, military engagement.

Although much is changing, certain things remain constant. The Army’s primary mission is to defend the United States – its people, its land, and its heritage. Our core values endure.

While remaining true to our primary mission and these values, the Army must continually evolve to remain relevant and ready to meet these global challenges. In this rapidly changing environment, meeting mission requirements worldwide will increasingly require both safeguarding the natural systems, upon which our quality of life depends, and more effective partnering at the global, federal, state, and local levels.

Meet the Challenges

To meet these challenges, we are transforming how we fight, how we train, how we do business, and how we interact with others in order to continually improve and provide for the Nation’s security. More importantly, we are changing the way we think and act. Doctrines that prepared us for conflict, peacekeeping, humanitarian operations, and homeland defense are rapidly evolving as we adapt to a complex operational environment.

page last modified on: 3/21/2012