G-8 Comptroller

Mission Statement

Enable accomplishment of the U.S. Army Europe expeditionary and joint/combined-capable mission by leading the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) process to obtain resources for financial, civilian manpower and agreements requirements

Vision Statement

Develop and maintain a capable, professional, motivated, and proactive workforce to create and provide centralized Financial, Civilian Manpower Management and Agreements support to the command


  • Executive Office: The Office of G8 is responsible for the planning, coordination, and formulation of policies and functions pertaining to programming, budgeting, management studies, and manpower management. Fulfills two roles by functioning as an operational element in performing resource management functions for the USAREUR MACOM and as a staff element for all USAREUR Headquarters resource management actions.

    Supports the MACOM commander in all resource management matters. Responsible for continuous improvement of processes for the purpose of optimizing resources and improving products. The Office of the G8 is staffed by a group of dedicated professionals, both military and civilians, working hard to provide unparalleled resource management support to U.S. forces in the theater.
  • International Agreements: A team of specialists who negotiate agreements involving United States Army Europe (USAREUR) resources. We establish policy and procedures for negotiating, coordinating, and developing agreements. We support major subordinate commands, U.S. tenant organizations, and host nation customers in the implementation of these agreements.
  • Manpower & Management: Provide full range of civilian manpower and management services and business transformation support to USAREUR activities (i.e., Allocations, Requirements determination, Civilian hiring, Documentation, Execution and Continuous Process Improvement) Support Management Control Plan through effective stewardship of USAREUR Resources by implementing a systematic approach to Continuous Process Improvement.
  • Program & Budget: Program and Budget Division (PBD) is the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) proponent for USAREUR and is responsible for ensuring the Command has sufficient monetary resources to accomplish its mission. The Division is comprised of five distinct branches: Program Analysis and Evaluation Branch, responsible for planning and programming of future year resources; Budget Management Branch, responsible for the overall current year budget execution for USAREUR forces in theater; HQ Budget Execution Branch, responsible for budget execution for the USAREUR headquarters and staff sections; Plans and Operations Branch, responsible for resource management orders development process and GWOT planning functions; and Management Accounting Branch, responsible for theater level management accounting functions for the command.

Contact Us

The U.S. Army Europe G-8 is located in Building 1000 on Clay Kaserne, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden.

Official mailing address is:

  • United States Army Europe G-8
    Unit 29351 Box 104
    APO AE 09014-9351


Comptroller   537-8003
Deputy Comptroller   537-8001
Executive Officer   537-8002
Executive Secretary   537-8003
Sergeant Major   537-8004
Administrative Officer   537-8005
Civilian Personnel   537-8006
IMO Section   537-8007/8008
Supply Technician   537-8009