Geo-Political Training Seminars


Geo-political SeminarsGeopolitical training seminars that focus on German and European military, political and economic systems are one of the ways the U.S. Army Europe helps foster mutual understanding with our allies and partner nations.


The seminars are held in Hamburg at the Haus Rissen Institute, and international think tank for politics and economics. They serve as excellent primers on the European operating environment.

The training seminars are an investment in the Army’s future, designed to develop adaptable and thoughtful leaders. Army commanders and senior staff officers, civilians and non-commissioned officers and other personnel who regularly interact with host nation authorities and institutions spend a week discussing current and historical geopolitical issues with Air Force and German Forces personnel in a joint and combined educational environment.

Although topics are updated frequently to keep pace with current events, typical seminar subjects– taught by journalists, scientists, and professors from the University of Hamburg, Berlin Free University, and Haus Rissen – include:


  • The European Union as a strategic actor in international crisis management;
  • Current U.S. and European issues;
  • Comparative analysis of the German and the U.S. political systems.

USAREUR, via the Office of the Chief of Public Affairs (OCPA), fund the training seminar costs for Army in Europe personnel to include seminar fees, lodging, meals, and travel.


Interested applicants must have at least one year remaining in Theater after attending the training seminar. Nominations also require endorsement by rater/senior rater, stating why personnel should be selected for the training.


For more information, contact the USAREUR public affairs office at DSN 337-3057, civilian 49 (0) 611-705-3057, or by emailing



Schedule FY14

May 4 - 9, Officer seminar for participants with the preferred rank of senior CPT-LTC and/or GS12-GS15.


Schedule FY15

The FY 15 seminars will be announced in October 2014.