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Patton Crosses the Rhine, March 22-26, 1945

Staff Rides

eBattlebook - Kall Trail
   •Tab A Hürtgenwald Chapter - Russ Rodgers
   •Tab B Orders of Battle
   •Tab C 28th ID Reports
   •Tab D German View of Battle
   •Tab E Supplemental Materials
   •Tab F Maps
   •Ride Maps

eBattlebook - Seelow Heights
   •Appendix G: Maps
   •Appendix H: Ride Maps

eBattlebook - Rommel at Caporetto
   •Book Excerpt: Rommel & Caporetto by John Wilks and Eileen Wilks
   •Book Excerpt: Rommel's "Attacks"

eBattlebook - Waterloo
   •Discussion Points
   •Read ahead: Napoleon's Last Campaign, Strategy & Tactics, July-August 2015
   •Read ahead: Waterloo, Strategy & Tactics, May-June 2015
   •Read ahead: The Relevance of Waterloo to Modern Warfare, The British Army Review, Autumn 2015

eBattlebook - Eben Emael

eBattlebook - Alsace

eBattlebook - Normandy Breakout

eBattlebook - The Battle of the Bulge

eBattlebook - Normandy Invasion

eBattlebook - Siegfried Line


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