iSALUTE provides a user-friendly means to report counterintelligence information for the entire Army community and establishes Army-wide iSALUTE reporting procedures and availability. The iSALUTE reporting website does not require users to log-on to report CI information.

iSALUTE promotes foreign threat awareness across all commands and leverages every member of the Army community as a sensor to help identify and prevent potential espionage or international terrorist acts against the Army.

The Threat Awareness and Reporting Program (TARP) requires Department of the Army personnel to report to counterintelligence any information regarding known or suspected espionage, international terrorism, sabotage, subversion, theft or illegal diversion of military technology, information systems intrusions, and unauthorized disclosure of classified information, among other matters.

For more information on TARP, check out Army Regulation 381-12.


EUREPORT - iSalute

If you have information that may be of interest to U.S. Army Counterintelligence, please make a report online at the iSalute portal.



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