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The Raptor Team observes, coaches, trains, mentors and provides feedback to Brigade Special Troops Battalions, Separate Battalions, and Multi-National forces performing Engineer, Military Police, Military Intelligence, Signal, CBRN, Sustainment, Electronic Warfare, Stability Operations, and EOD tasks during simulated Decisive Action Training Environments, Kosovo Force (KFOR) training, Police Advisor Team (PAT) training, and Mission Rehearsal Exercises (MRE).


Commercial in Germany - 09472-83-xxxx
From the US - 011-49-9472-83-xxxx
DSN from the US - 314-520-xxxx

Raptor 07 - 520-5957 Senior BSTB Trainer
Raptor 04 - 520-5715 Senior Enlisted BSTB Trainer
Raptor 02 - 520-5710 Deputy BSTB Trainer
Raptor 03 - 520-5611 Operations Officer